The National English proficiency test was introduced in 2020 and was divided into nine grades-musiland

The National English proficiency test in 2020 before the introduction is divided into nine levels – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Liu Xu) the Ministry of education official WeChat news yesterday, Chinese English ability rating scale has completed the main developed countries, English level test plan gradually launched in 2020. This means that China’s future will be to establish a unified English assessment system, the national edition of English proficiency test program launched there is a problem for the solution of the English examination standards, teaching objectives in each stage of coherence, mutual recognition of communication to achieve a variety of learning outcomes, reduce duplication of examination, to meet the teaching evaluation, education, employment and other requirements. It is understood that there are about 300 million English learners in China, but a variety of English syllabus often lack coherence, all kinds of exams, the lack of uniform standards, people need to deal with many kinds of English exam, so the development of a unified English rating scale and the corresponding level of examination is very necessary. Disclosed in the International Symposium on language testing and evaluation of the second session of the Vice Minister of education Lin Huiqing day before, China English ability rating scale has completed the main development, is expected in 2017 officially announced. This is the first in China covering all stages of Education English teaching, learning and assessment of ability standard, it will help to solve the problems of China’s various English examinations, different standards of teaching and testing of target separation, teaching objectives in each stage of incoherence, achieve mutual recognition of communication in English Teaching of "one-stop" and a variety of learning outcomes. In addition to the description of listening and speaking, reading and writing skills, China English ability rating scale constructed "pragmatic competence" scale, the scale also includes translation and interpretation ability scale, which in foreign language proficiency scales are uncommon, to fill the domestic and foreign language ability scale blank. Professor Liu Jianda, vice president of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, the newly developed rating scale will be divided into nine grades. Among them, one or two corresponds roughly to the level of primary school, junior high school corresponds to the level of three, corresponding to the high school level, the corresponding to the University of the five or six, corresponding to the English Majors in the class of eight or nine, corresponding to the top seven foreign language talents. In addition, the level of examination standards can also be a multi test, reducing the repeated examination, to meet the teaching evaluation, education, employment and other needs. And the introduction of the new national English proficiency test level, will be Chinese English ability rating scale as the basis, the examination at all levels coherent and orderly, based on inheriting the advantages of the domestic English exam, relevant expert team designed the proficiency test classification, to meet the different needs of different stages of education, meet the needs of the times of educational modernization. Beijing Youth Daily reporter also learned that the college entrance examination this year, there are 26 provinces nationwide unified proposition of the English papers, examination content reform deepening, strengthening basic, comprehensive, application and innovation. In 2014, the State Council explicitly in the "opinions" on deepening the reform of admissions exam system, China language ability evaluation system construction goal is: Based on the establishment of national foreign language evaluation standards, to promote the reform of the content and form of the examination, the realization of National English level exam with the existing foreign language exam convergence or integration.相关的主题文章: