The national day of the Sichuan bus ticket sold 30% in the province of Chongqing Province, the Brazi-candle june

The national day of the Sichuan bus ticket sold 30% in the province of Chongqing Province, the Brazilian hot fire public Mr. Tong: the annual National Day holiday will advance to buy a bus ticket ride back home last year, almost did not buy a ticket. This year’s car ticket tension? Mid Autumn Festival has just passed, the national day will be far behind? Yes. The National Day golden week is coming, I believe buddies already tempted, or plan to travel or go home. In addition to self driving friends, do not forget to buy tickets! In September 22nd, the WCC reporter from the Sichuan auto ticketing network to inquire into, the province in September 30th and October 1st two day bus ticket, have the sale of 30%, Chengdu and Bazhong as the province’s most popular lines. The person in charge of the network suggested that this year’s National Day holiday car ticket rush tickets, is expected to appear in September 25th, it is recommended to choose long-distance car travel friends booking in advance, so as not to affect the National Day trip. Two days before the pre-sale tickets have been sold 30% Sichuan auto ticketing network relevant responsible person told the reporter that after the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, National Day golden week is coming, according to past experience, the National Day Golden Week holidays in the spring, is also the largest operation for one year, the peak travel is inevitable. It is reported that, as the province’s auto ticket networking ticketing platform, the site has been 5-15 days in advance, open car ticket pre-sale. As of 21, only in September 30th, on the two day of October 1st, the province’s cities and states of the car ticket has been sold out of the 30%. In the hot line, Chongqing province neba most fire the responsible person said that during this year’s Mid Autumn Festival holiday, at the Sichuan auto ticketing network of the passenger ticket, reached more than 25 passengers, the total passenger number 30%. In September 14th, the province’s station ticket passengers reached more than 7 people. According to the latest data, Chengdu to Bazhong, Cangxi, Quxian County, Guangyuan, Luzhou, is currently the province’s most popular travel routes, Bazhong has more than one thousand pre-sale tickets. In last year’s national day, the destination for Bazhong car tickets, the province sold 5273, the same as the province’s most popular. Since ancient times, a Chongqing, Chengdu and Chongqing are closely linked, so in the province, the most popular Chengdu to Chongqing bus ticket sale. Extended reading: pay attention to the National Day travel plans of Sichuan bus ticket pre-sale has 30% mid autumn National Day has passed "appetizer" meal "is not too much choice as early as Mid Autumn Festival Golden Week travel plan to Chengdu during the national day of global ban UAV flight of the National Day golden week Chengdu to Four Girls Mountain only 3 hours     Iasi high speed traffic control until the end of October, the National Day holiday tips except advance tickets 25 days for the peak rush tickets the official told reporters, according to past experience, the National Day Golden Week peak rush tickets in September 25th or so, so the choice of Bazhong, Dazhou and other places of Chongqing, Nanchong travel friend, suggested to buy tickets in advance to avoid. Peak rush tickets tickets have been sold out, bring inconvenience to the National Day travel. At the same time, he also reminded that the network ticket ticket peak is 30 in September相关的主题文章: