The name of the phone number has been there for 13 years, the owner did not know yuria

The name of the phone number has been there for 13 years, the owner did not know the phone number, why would I have a phone number out of thin air, and the registration time is still 13 years ago?" Mr Wong is a communications company VIP customers, he recently broke the news that the newspaper, in a business process, he accidentally found his name more than a cell phone number, but also in the deduction of fees. The responsible person responded that this number is Mr. Huang in 2013 for the preferential replacement caused by "the number registered in the name of Mr. Huang, is a transitional number, no association with what the real name system, so there is no fraudulent use of risk." Reporters combed found that in recent years, telecommunications consumer complaints remain high, many years in the forefront of various types of goods and services complaints. City Council have suggested that telecom operators should take the initiative as, established between consumers and smooth communication and interaction mechanism, also should strengthen the education and training of Telecom practitioners, improve the service ability and level. User: the number of 13 years I did not know from the beginning of 2003, Mr. Huang in Foshan has been using a communications company’s phone card (tail number is 6600). He said that because of the relationship between the business, he almost every month to spend thousands of dollars on the phone, so the company’s VIP customers. In 2012, Mr. Wong also opened a subsidiary card number (tail number is 0006). Recently, Mr. Huang to Guangzhou Daily reporter complained that a strange thing happened to him in a business process, he accidentally found his name more than a phone number (tail number 9496), and the registration time is 2003 to display. "I certainly did not use this number, don’t know how it happened, but this number is in charge." He said. According to the business system of Mr. Huang screenshots provided, "products" column shows the number of two, one is the tail number 0006, another is Mr. Huang said the number appeared out of nowhere (tail number 9496). The number of payment status? According to Mr. Huang to provide screenshots, June 2016, number of tail number 6600 fee 872.29 yuan, the number of tail number 0006 fee 6 yuan, while the number of tail number 9496 fee 67 yuan. "More than 9496 of the number is registered in 2003, the number of the past 13 years, whether such a deduction?" Mr. Huang was very suspicious. He said, the most let him feel angry, is this number from now until he completely unaware. Response: for the replacement of Mr. Huang an intermediate number encounter the preferential "strange", what is the reason? In this regard, the Guangzhou Daily reporter interviewed the communications company. The company responsible person responded that in December 2013, Mr. Huang call customer manager, the request number tail number 6600 for stored calls for the mobile phone business, due to policy restrictions, the number is not in the scope of preferential activities. Huang belongs to VIP customers, the application of the client manager, the company’s approval, agreed to special treatment for mr.. In the business process, the staff will be 6600 to the number of the number of the first 9496.相关的主题文章: