The name Lin Chiling was wrong to down your popularity is not enough

Lin Chiling s name is misspelled "down": your popularity is not enough ah Lin Chiling’s name is misspelled entertainment star name was misspelled already very embarrassed, then someone stepped on what it would feel? Recently Zhi Ling sister met such embarrassing things, and is in love with Lin Chiling s kill naturally refused to let the "when" opportunity, Lin Chiling propaganda is not enough red. A small laugh Lin Chiling 8 pm, Lin Chiling made himself a name was misspelled photos, rebuke: "write 100 times". Then, s forwarding of micro-blog Lin Chiling, "when": "you popularity is not enough ah! Who do you think will result in the wrong?" Is this your CP to the adorable of netizens have said: "more and more think you both in the show of affection!" Is more mischievous netizens began to open the small table, in the comments deliberately wrong name: "5 small" and "small love tear" Xu Xidi "".相关的主题文章: