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The movie "cars" unveiled the twenty-fifth session of the film festival Sina entertainment news September 23rd, children’s film "car" unveiled the twenty-fifth session of the film festival, producer Hu Kai, the new female director Tongxin leaf, starring Wang Jinsong, Zhang Ting attended the press conference. The movie "cars" is a story of left-behind children and Empty Nester films. Starring in the film, the famous performing artist Wang Jinsong admitted touched, I hope the community can more viewers this issue. Tong Xinye’s "Star" won the Golden Rooster hundred flowers film the most popular award, this directed "new car" is two degrees with the film festival. Talking about the creative mind, Tongxin leaves inspired by her daughter said, because lament their busy to take care of her daughter, her daughter early and then sent to boarding school, feeling that the lack of daughter especially looking forward to maternal love, feeling like left-behind children. This induced, the director began to read a lot of information, she thought, not only refers to the rural left behind Empty Nester and left-behind children, any child parents are left behind the excessive loss of the happiness of a family union. In addition to a group of child actors, famous performing artist Wang Jinsong teacher also came to help out. Asked why he would choose such a small cost of the film, he revealed he was touched by the script, I hope to be able to shoot a film full of human feelings. Talk about cooperation film actor Wang Jinsong thumbs up, praise the actors in tough shooting environment very dedicated. As a professor of Beijing Film Academy, Professor, I do not know whether or not to teach the scene of small actors how to perform? In this regard, Wang Jinsong is very modest, shouted the children performed better than their own, don’t need to teach their own, think more, in the show, but adults play the child, but the child develops animal. Asked why he would invest in such a small cost of the film, producer Hu Kai and Wang Jinsong, he revealed that the performance of the film is the root cause of the humanities touched him. According to the present situation of the film industry, Hu Kai is not without criticism, he said, now a little meat in power, capital operation and commercial competition makes many creators cannot ease creation, feeling that to meet the director leaves Tongxin adhere to the self consciousness of the creator, he can not deny. It is reported that the movie car is scheduled for the end of this year with the national audience, as for the specific date, the director has not yet been determined. (An Dongwen) (commissioning editor: Koyo)相关的主题文章: