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The mouth can also be infected with sexually transmitted diseases kissing 10 seconds will be switched, the bacteria are said to be the Holland, scientists in, one of the partners to drink a high degree of recognition of bacteria containing probiotic drinks. After the kiss test, the scientists tested that about 80 million of the bacteria were spread to the other side of the mouth. All this, in just 10 seconds. Scientists found that the longer the kiss, the longer the bacteria will be more synchronous, sharing these bacteria can enhance immunity, reduce the possibility of mutual infection of the couple. So scientists encourage people to kiss their relatives and friends to enhance immunity. Expert analysis, can not increase the resistance of a head-on blow kissing or infectious disease high-risk behavior of Zhongda Hospital Affiliated to Southeast University Department of infection management leaves Nanyuan says that bacterial infections mentioned micro-blog, no number of experiments to verify, but there is a possibility. However, from this experiment to deduce that kissing helps improve immunity, the conclusion is not reliable. Ye Nanyuan said, from the medical point of view, not only did not enhance the role of the immune system, or the high risk of infectious diseases. Our mouth actually "live" with tens of billions or even hundreds of billions of bacteria, some of which are harmless, others are "pathogenic bacteria insurrection". By kissing the behavior of bacteria in the mouth will move from one side to the other side of the mouth, in the more time, the more the number of sides in the mouth kissing, consistency of bacteria will be higher. Some diseases may be transmitted through kissing, such as influenza, SARS, tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases; pharyngitis, stomach and other digestive tract diseases such as syphilis; blood, body fluids and the spread of disease, and if one has these diseases the bacteria in the mouth, it is possible to spread by kissing. However, even if the bacteria migrate through the kiss, the other side of the kiss will not get sick, nor is it an affirmative answer. "It depends on how well the mouth is and how it works." Dr. Ye Nanyuan said that if there is a breach of condition of oral ulcers, gingival bleeding, is particularly vulnerable to bacteria enter the body open convenient ways "". Compared with adults, children’s resistance is weak, no matter what diseases are particularly easily caught". The spread of disease that count kissing what disease can spread through kissing? Dr. Ye Nanyuan analyzed in detail. Kissing disease: infectious mononucleosis, caused by the EB virus, commonly known as "kissing disease"". This attack has have a fever, sore throat, lymph node enlargement, loss of appetite and other symptoms similar to the flu, there may also be rash, hepatosplenomegaly and other symptoms. These diseases are more common in people who are less than 30 years old. STD: most of venereal infection source in the genital area, but also can’t let down the mouth. Syphilis, gonorrhea is very much like the oral environment, once oral infection, bacteria breeding very fast. If one partner is infected, as long as the other party in the mouth is very susceptible to damage, especially dangerous kiss. Stomach trouble: Helicobacter pylori is associated with a number of symptoms, for example, often.相关的主题文章: