The most expensive domestic flagship mate9 experience the strongest performance is half the price of candy boy

The most expensive domestic flagship Mate9 experience: the strongest performance is half the price of foreign – Sohu technology to see the end of the year, each mobile phone manufacturers flagship flagship have also been unveiled. Domestic brands in the international go best HUAWEI, 11 days before the launch of Mate 9 ultimate killer in germany. Porsche customized version of the price of over 10000, scared out of everyone’s chin, domestic flagship selling this price is the first time! Netizens also on the domestic price of all kinds of speculation today, HUAWEI officially released in China Mate 9, kylin 960 processor, the second generation Leica double photo, 4000mAh + battery fast charging, performance, photography, endurance three pain points crush one by one ~ EMUI 5 based on Android 7, the first domestic system, more concise and more beautiful. Also add machine learning technology, said to be able to use the faster! (Porsche customized version) version of the standard and customized version of Porsche in addition, but also added a domestic special machine — Mate 9 Pro. (in fact, Porsche limited edition removed Porsche Design) Mate 9 Pro to a logo, configuration unchanged, the price halved! Domestic conscience! The very first hand speed fruit king, had secretly got the Standard Version 9 legs, by killing the liar experience division to bring you out of the box packaging is started to experience ~ relatively low-key black cardboard. Do not think that HUAWEI is not environmentally friendly, the box can be completely recycled. Not yet opened, they saw the Leica coke label, and is the middle, with hot gold printed with our protagonist: HUAWEI Mate 9. The box is no longer described. Here comes with accessories, had the headset and mobile phone shell, the most intimate is also comes with HUAWEI glory Type-C adapter white, so the previous Micro USB data line is not discarded. Show time! Leading role! I got a champagne gold HUAWEI Mate 9, is the full Netcom 4GB+64GB version. The details are the top of the front mobile phone handset, sensor, front camera and hidden state indicator. The receiver is hidden inside a speaker in portrait mode, can be used as high frequency loudspeaker. From different angles, careful observation, will find that mobile phone front has concentric pattern, magnificent, really add a sense of beauty. The top mobile phone are infrared sensors and 3.5mm headset interface, with modified polishing and satin drawing process, such as presentation of fine satin hair effect. The left side of the phone is followed by the main microphone, Type-C interface and the main speaker. The speaker is responsible for bass band, with hidden tweeter phone in cross screen mode, output stereo sound, playing music or watching video, can bring better visual experience. The mobile phone is also three times the design, wherein the upper part respectively with a microphone, the color temperature of the flash, dual cameras, laser sensor test相关的主题文章: