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The most complete interpretation through courier to the United States IPO U.S. stock market center: exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants to view the latest quotes from the tiger tiger Stock Securities Institute in December 2015, Shen Tong announced backdoor Edisi (002468) on the city, to open the courier company listed on the road, tact SF, rhyme, have to follow, and now finally turn: pass through courier (ZTO) on Thursday October 27th, landing the nyse. IPO through the United States this year, the largest IPO in the United States, Xiao Bian will be a simple 818 related important investment information. Brief introduction of the financial situation and the introduction of the key points of performance in 2013 through the reorganization, the continuation of the financial results of only two and a half years. Introduction to the background of the Listing 1: why express companies are in the market? Conclusion: > to express the "shopping" era of imminent, the giants need as soon as possible to get huge financing and competitors distance. Introduction to the market background 2: why only the United States to the United States IPO? At present, the big 5 listed among the 4 are in the A shares backdoor: Reason: because of overseas institutional investors and full communication, the differences in cultural values and takes stock of past financial fraud problem in the United States often takes stock valuation is not high, last year a privatization back to A shares the tide is proof. But in the out of the ordinary: 1 in the through the introduction of the Standard Chartered venture, Huaping, Gaoling dollar fund 2 pass VIE architecture built (in the overseas registered companies and business operations in China) 3 stocks finished IPO faster, is conducive to the listing for late in time for the listing highlights 1 earnings strong ability to help boost the confidence of investors 2 a lot of revenue from Ali (BABA) platform, especially the double 11 soon, its valuation in the short term will be Ali boost. 3 save cost and lower the cost of financing housing, if 4 IPO successfully, and A shares will have no obvious difference in valuation 5 in favor of the strategic trading day after the initiative listed risk 1.IPO high valuation may be difficult to reach 2 early investors easy cash withdrawal, selling 3 still questioned the performance of existing whitewash risks, therefore in the face of being short of 4 may rely on Ali’s too strong, long-term fear affected summarize the story of capital is always good, however, the U.S. stock market is always the risks and opportunities, this post is a simple list of some reference points for netizens, hope everyone can be more wary of their investment choices. The above does not constitute investment advice, the small group does not hold any of the above stock positions, nor in the next 72 hours to buy and sell the relevant subject Editor: Li Li SF053相关的主题文章: