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The red Xisha media commentary: freedom of navigation under the cloak of hegemony nature – Sohu News [Global Times reported] "imagine Chinese the Navy sent to the Gulf, the U.S. government will shout" Chinese provocation represents the invasion! "This is the U.S. government’s hypocrisy and imperialism." The "Washington Times" website, Internet users and Internet users more than Andrew1 month 30 days of intense debate Shanghai South American warships. Andrew stressed that South China Sea more than 7000 miles from the United States, "if Chinese and war, the U.S. government will go bankrupt, the United States also did not have enough troops to win a war on the ground". On January 31st, the new Xisha, the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry spokesman Li Haiping said, hope that all countries in the world to maintain peace and stability in the East China Sea and to make a positive contribution to comply with international law. The German "focus" magazine commented that America’s actions in the South China Sea, intended to show U.S. interests in the region is not touch, although Chinese is on the rise, the United States is still dominant in the pacific. "Washington renamed the South China Sea in the East Texas sea?" The United States in October 28th last year, sharply anti satire of American claims of "freedom of navigation", because it means the US global hegemony". The article said, "all the noise around the freedom of navigation", is a cover of Washington "return to Asia, the strategic goal is to curb Chinese’s influence in the region, with a US spy plane over the China territory, near the coast of Chinese Navy day by day, no wonder Chinese construct a" sand the Great Wall "as a defensive measure. Washington wrote the article, "freedom of navigation" protector of itself, this is the extension of the collective security risk claims, is tantamount to unilateral annexation of the world ocean! The globalization research center of Canada’s article commented that the entire global sea as their own, the United States only respect their sovereignty, rather than the sovereignty of other countries. Washington’s "freedom of navigation" right is an excuse to want to act in a threatening manner, and this is the new millennium gunboat diplomacy. The United States hegemony not only in the South China sea. According to the U.S. Department of Defense issued the "Declaration of freedom of navigation in military action" annual report, 2000 to 2011 years, the United States Navy and air force in 32 countries and regions, carried out hundreds of military action to challenge the declaration, these countries and regions "excessive maritime claims". 32 countries and regions including Burma, challenge to Kampuchea, Egypt, India, Libya, Philippines, Venezuela, Viet Nam, Iran, Japan, Brazil, China. In 2014, the United States "freedom of navigation" action "challenge" of the 7 allies, 7 partners, 3 opponents and enemies, two non aligned countries. The researchers said Chinese marine military academic Zhang Junshe to accept the "Global Times" interview, ironically, the so-called "freedom of navigation" is based on "the United Nations Convention on the law of the sea", there are currently 150 countries approved (including Chinese), but the United States does not approve, but the selection of the "United Nations Convention on the law of the sea" the right of innocent passage "". Zhang Junshe believes that a warship "innocent passage", "Convention" provisions should be the prior consent of the coastal state]

媒体评美舰闯西沙:航行自由外衣下的霸权本质-搜狐新闻  【环球时报综合报道】“想象一下中国将其海军派到墨西哥湾,美国政府将高呼‘中国的挑衅代表着入侵!’这就是美国政府的伪善和帝国主义。”美国《华盛顿时报》网站上,网民Andrew1月30日与多名网民激烈辩论美国向南海派军舰。Andrew强调南海距离美国7000多英里,“如果与中国发生战争,美国政府将破产,美国也没有足够军队去赢得一场地面战争”。   对美舰闯西沙,1月31日,越南外交部发言人黎海平称,希望世界各国为维护东海和平稳定作出积极和切实贡献,遵守国际法。德国《焦点》周刊评论说,美国在南海的行动,旨在展示美国在该地区的利益是不能碰的,尽管中国正在崛起,美国仍是太平洋地区的主导者。   “华盛顿会把南海改名为东得克萨斯海吗?”美国反战网去年10月28日曾一针见血地讽刺美国主张的“航行自由”,因为那“意味着美国全球霸权”。文章说,围绕“航行自由”的所有吵闹,是华盛顿“重返亚太”的一个掩护,该战略的目标是遏制中国的地区影响力,随着美国间谍飞机飞越中国领土、海军日益靠近中国海岸线,无怪乎中国人构筑一个“沙土长城”作为防御措施。文章写道,华盛顿以“航行自由”保护者自居,这是对集体安全主张的危险延伸,无异于单方面吞并世界海洋!加拿大全球化研究中心的文章评论说,美国把整个全球海域都当成了自己的,美国只尊重自己的主权,而不是别国的主权。华盛顿的“航行自由”权是一种借口,目的是随心所欲、气势汹汹地行动,这是新千年的炮舰外交。   美国的霸道不只是在南海。根据美国国防部发布的“航行自由军事宣示行动”年度报告,2000―2011年间,美国海军和空军针对32个国家和地区,进行了百余次军事宣示行动,以挑战这些国家和地区的“过度海洋主张”。遭到挑战的32个国家和地区包括缅甸、柬埔寨、埃及、印度、利比亚、菲律宾、委内瑞拉、越南、伊朗、中国、日本、巴西等。2014年,美国的“航行自由”行动“挑战过”7个盟友、7个伙伴、3个对手和敌人、两个不结盟国家。   中国海洋军事学术研究所研究员张军社接受《环球时报》采访时表示,讽刺的是,美国所谓“航行自由”的依据是《联合国海洋法公约》,目前有150多国批准(包括中国),但美国没有批准,却有选择地利用《联合国海洋法公约》的“无害通过权”。张军社认为,关于军舰的“无害通过”,《公约》规定应当事先征得沿海国的同意批准,“以防止对领海的非无害通过”。   【环球时报驻美、日、德特约记者 萧达 李珍 青木 环球时报记者 屠丽美 高颖 汪析】相关的主题文章: