The Jimmy Lin twins son nine months adorable cute smile of deciduous teeth-ajviewer

The Jimmy Lin twins son nine months adorable smile teeth super cute Jimmy Lin twins like a father like a mother according to Taiwan media "ETTV cloud" reported on September 7th, artist Jimmy Lin and his wife Chen Ruoyi have been married for 6 years, was born the eldest son of Kimi, by the end of 2015 and welcomed the twins Jenson and Kyson, have 3 a little baby boy. His 6 twin sons share the full 9 months, now to take a picture of them, or change a diaper to roll, it’s hard to control!" Every father is spoiled. Two small guy’s nine months old baby Jimmy Lin twins Jenson and Kyson wearing T-shirts printed with "9", the brothers sat together on the sofa, looking at each other like two people to take care of each other, each with a black and white remote, happy mouth laugh, also a lovely teeth. He issued a document that the time, the son of a climb climb East West are difficult to control, "I do not know why so excited to see the remote controller can play for a long time! Hee hee!" Users see the baby son Jimmy Lin laughed with the remote control, can not help but echo "me too", people praise handsome beautiful mom and dad gene strong feeling twins "like a mother like a baby boy, Dad" fans were big eyes to eyes excitedly adorable, how cute love "!"相关的主题文章: