The insurance fund for Shenzhen Tong optimistic about the future of the four class of Hong Kong

The insurance fund for the Shenzhen Hong Kong through four kinds of sina optimistic about the future of Hong Kong stocks fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Since holding sufficient capital "ammunition", the market of the insurance funds in the future through the Shenzhen high hopes. For the upcoming opening of the Shanghai Shenzhen Tong, surveyed large and medium-sized insurance agency said that this will lead to strong expected capital market system integration, promote the value of the investment further homing, following the long-term investment of insurance funds is expected to benefit. Observe the relevant research with insurance agencies are, there are four types of stocks are more attractive to the pursuit of stability, absolute return of the insurance funds are a premium advantage, A+H shares scarce advantage, and underestimate the value of a high dividend yield stocks, bonds stocks. However, the current insurance funds can only be through the QDII way of investment in Hong Kong stocks, to directly participate in the Shenzhen Hong Kong through to the CIRC’s final confirmation. Although the regulatory attitude is not clear, but in the insurance industry, either from the international environment and domestic environment, especially for the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the insurance industry insurance asset management industry, means a rare opportunity. In terms of insurance funds, to open up the global market docking channel, is conducive to enhancing the investment of insurance funds yield level, providing more channels and opportunities for asset allocation, but also conducive to the diversification of investment risk. There are insurance agencies responsible person admitted that at present, they have been doing some preparatory work, such as the study of Hong Kong stocks investment opportunities. In fact, compared to other foreign capital markets, insurance institutions in Hong Kong stocks on the investment experience is more adequate. It is understood that a number of insurance institutions have started overseas investment, mainly in Hongkong capital market. Now in the first half of this year, Ping An overseas investment in the proportion of the allocation of funds to improve than the end of the year, mainly reflected in Hong Kong stocks investment. In the industry view, whether it is watching capital or investment experience, many countries have set up the insurance Asset Management Co in Hongkong insurance giant, is the first batch of insurance institutions to participate in the Shenzhen Hong Kong through popular candidates. Hong Kong stock market has a number of cheap and high quality leading enterprises, especially large and medium-sized subject, favored by the insurance funds. In addition, we are interested in the growth rate of the growth rate of Hong Kong stocks are also interested in fast growth, especially in the absence of A shares scarce species, we believe that the next two or three years is a good time to intervene." An insurance agency responsible for example, their selection criteria are the following: is an emerging industry, the future market space; leading industry segments, but did not form the monopoly position, with double space expansion of market space and market share; high margin, have certain barriers to entry, the competition pressure is small; the basic performance good, have more than 3 consecutive years of high growth may be an average of 30%. It is foreseeable that, A shares of Hong Kong stocks sector linkage will be more obvious, holding huge amounts of money insurance institutions, A shares and Hong Kong stocks in the valuation of different areas such as mining, there is a large market space. However, it should be noted that, due to the Hongkong market theory相关的主题文章: