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The health to eat sweet potato jujube   recommend 3 Recipes – Shaanxi Channel – original title: the health to eat sweet potato jujube recommend 3 recipes and eat what is good in the solar term in? In each solar term, the diet will be different, different arrangements can help us better health care. Here, we recommend several suitable food recipes and autumnal equinox. Lily: what to eat the rich in protein, fat, and a colchicine and calcium phosphorus iron and vitamin, is the best nutrition for both young and old. The traditional Chinese medicine with lily as tonic bleeding, blood, lung moistening, nourishing yin and clearing heat, spleen stomach. Modern research shows that Lily has obvious antitussive, antiasthmatic, hemostatic effect, improve the lymphocyte transformation rate and increase of liquid immunity activity. Lily can also inhibit tumor growth. Lily will wash, cook, eat put sugar after cooling, can heat lungs, and invigorating in. Sweet potato: medical workers in China has been in the west of Guangxi centenarians Township survey found here centenarians have a common characteristic, is the habit of daily eat sweet potatoes, and even as a staple food. Sweet potato is rich in starch, vitamins, cellulose and other essential nutrients, but also rich in magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and other mineral elements and linoleic acid, etc.. These substances can maintain vascular elasticity, the prevention and treatment of senile constipation is very effective. In addition, the sweet potato is an ideal diet food, because it is rich in cellulose and pectin and has the function of preventing sugar into fat. Jujube: according to TCM experts, not only is the sweet jujube food or medicine. Ganping sexual flavour jujube, the spleen and stomach by two has the effect of nourishing qi and blood, spleen qi is the best. Chinese medicine used jujube Treat Spleen and stomach, deficiency of Qi and blood, insomnia. According to pharmacological research, jujube liver protection, reduce the role of lipids. Experts said that although the jujube sweet, non-toxic, but partial hot, it can not eat, especially in hot and humid, more food will adverse reactions and thirst, stomach etc.. Wolfberry: wolfberry has antipyretic effect in the treatment of diabetes, cough and phlegm, and wolfberry root decoction after drinking, can lower blood pressure. As for the Chinese wolfberry tea is the treatment of physical deficiency, cold, stomach, liver and kidney disease, tuberculosis, constipation, insomnia, hypotension, anemia, various eye diseases, hair loss, stomatitis, skin care role. However, due to the effect of warm body of Chinese wolfberry is quite strong, suffering from high blood pressure, temperament is too impatient, it is best not to eat. On the contrary, if the physical weakness, often cold, poor resistance to the best daily consumption. Next, there are delicious nutrition recipes introduced to everyone. The nutrition ingredients: Almond radish boiled calf radish 500 grams, almond 15 grams, 250 grams of bovine. Production: radish cut, peeled almonds tip. Bovine scalded with boiling water, then stir fry ginger, cooking wine. The tile pot add water, add ox and radish, almond, cook is cooking. Efficacy: Bufei, Qingfei phlegm, Qi. Candied double kernel ingredients: fried sweet almond 250 grams)相关的主题文章: