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"The golden age of ants:" why good people are watching the consumption again mercilessly killed four young children change orchid Yang Dutch act after news reports, Changan Jun (WeChat ID:changan-j) it is difficult to calm the mood. In the case of the tragic, all slightly conscience, will be the death of a family of six, distressed. This year will have three mothers to be remembered: steal chicken mother was ill daughter; to save her daughter drowning in the jaws of death of the mother, and Yang Gailan, the despair of life, and let the family with the mother. Changan Jun thought, is the nature of the mother love children, and even her own mother, have no right to deprive the child’s right to life, this should be common sense, the human nature is the bottom line, we hold the mainstream. But when a "golden age" of the ant was born, Changan Jun began to feel very surprised and angry. At this point, "poverty leads to despair", "the system should be responsible", brush the screen of Changan Jun. A matter of public opinion enough heat, in Changan Jun seems to look at the facts, stories, rumors face three party. In fact, is the truth; the story, is what happened here, see the idea that, in fact, but began to deviate from the fact that part of the rumor, rumor is simple. Yang Gailan a rumor is not much of a good fortune, it depends on the story of the fermentation hype. This event was first published in the local media in Lanzhou "Western Daily", titled "Kangle a family of six have died". The manuscript is not mentioned Yang poverty, but did not mention later became widely questioned the "minimal assurance was canceled". But in the afternoon, there is a "survey: Gansu because of poor 6 deaths caused by the massacre, 80 mother forced flesh drink poison" on the internet. Mentioned in the text of the Yang family and dangerous, the cancellation of the subsistence allowances. Then, the event has been paid close attention to Yang change orchid, "the golden age of ants" makes it become a public event. "Because of poor death" full impact of the story plot was enlarged, eventually leveraging public opinion, get a lot of praise, comments, tears and shuabing. However, some buddy later found, "the golden age of ants", but a number of public financial investment, in order to suck powder, and carry out financial recruitment and financing plan, create the marketing of soft paper. It’s filled with righteous indignation is to let oneself ", is widely spread in investment circles; his" social concern "is to attract potential customers for themselves; in this recalculation in our feelings, become the commercial copy with goods. In Changan, it seems that the human life to do marketing, it is tantamount to selling blood bread, it is both evil and shameless! In the "golden age" ants are selling confrontation and conflict, consumption is people for poor imagination — as long as it is expected, will be able to sell; as long as it can express their feelings, some people, it disregards the fact. The Dutch act is a very complex social problem, have joked, how many sociologists, there are many sets of interpretation of the theory. The reason why Yang Gailan had committed such atrocities may be poor, perhaps psychological, and perhaps a family conflict…… Ten thousand steps back, even if true and the 6相关的主题文章: