The family sent 5000 yuan red envelope rebate medical hospitalization fee

5000 yuan to send 5000 yuan red envelopes family medical hospitalization fee receipt "rebate" Mr. Ye to the relatives of patients with doctors and nurses, into an admission fee receipt. This is how to return a responsibility? 5000 yuan "red envelopes" into hospital expenses November 11th 5 in the afternoon, accompanied by Mr. Ye in the family, 63 year old aunt suffering from senile dementia in Quzhou city third hospital ward two elderly psychiatric care for her very well. The morning of November 14th, Mr. ye came to the hospital again, found in director Zhu Yunlong, gave him two envelopes, one said to the director, a nurse, I hope they usually take care of some of the patients. Zhu Yunlong refused to accept anyway, but Mr. Ye but again and again to the red envelope to him, in order to appease relatives, but under, Zhu Yunlong had to accept. After Mr. leaves, Zhu Yunlong opened a red envelope, two red envelopes have $2500. Zhu Yunlong told the matter to the head nurse Zhang Shouya, the two agreed to put the cash on behalf of the $5000 into the patient’s hospitalization. Hospitalization itself requires an expense, how can we bear to receive red envelopes." Zhu Yunlong said. Two people immediately to the charges will be $5000 in cash into the aunt’s hospitalization fee, and take pictures of WeChat issued to Mr. Yip, asked him to come next time to get a receipt. Mr. Ye saw receipts in WeChat, very moved to Zhu Yunlong made a praise, and said that his actions make him admire. Doctor benevolence, Qiao also in patients with red saving lives is the doctor’s own work, the common enemy of doctors and patients is a disease, our goal is the same, so red is really not necessary. At that time insisted to send, so I thought in such a clever way to solve." Zhu Yunlong said. "To tell the truth, in fact, patients bribe behavior brings great pressure to us, we do not want the patients and their families do." Head nurse Zhang Shouya said that in the course of treatment, the family’s trust in health care, and actively cooperate with the treatment, which is in fact the greatest respect for health care and affirmation. The red change hospitalization receipt is a microcosm of the hospital medical staff consciously resist the red envelope. In Quzhou hospitals, doctors and nurses received several times a year with "red envelopes", family members or forwarding red envelopes through WeChat, or directly to the red envelopes of cash, of course, medical researchers always reject.相关的主题文章: