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"Avatar" envy notice three people sharing an umbrella "Avatar" strange atmosphere envy Sina entertainment news   South Korea SBS TV drama (Wednesday, four) "Avatar" public envy in Thailand scenery in the split notice according to romance. Yesterday (24 days) the first episode aired, Nelly (table [micro-blog] Kong Hyo Jin decoration) and not only had ever had a crush on Li Huaxin (Cao Zhengshi) reporter again, also with Li Huaxin’s friend, the chaebol III (Gao Geng yuan high dipper decoration) met staged a impressive, suggesting complex the relationship between them will be complicated and difficult to deal with. In today’s upcoming second concentration, the three will share the same umbrella in Thailand. Especially the photographs in public, be positive element in his arms tightly the table and pushed to the outside the umbrella Li Li Huaxin in stark contrast to the wonderful atmosphere between them caused the crowd of curious story. In addition, the TV series, "the embodiment of jealousy" will be today (25) late at 10 points (Korea time) aired the second episode. BNT news feeds [micro-blog] Wu Jingyi paper SM C& C (: commissioning editor Taiwanese Meatballs)相关的主题文章: