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The Economic Observer: 7 days 19 city property market regulation overweight Chinese – news information Sohu decide on what path to follow. China News Agency reporter Wu Junjie photo China News Agency, Beijing in October 7,   (reporter Li Xiaoyu) "eleven" golden week, much of the running of the property market Chinese brakes. September 30th to October 6th, just 7 days, there have been introduced in the purchase of the city of 19, limited credit and other property market regulation policy. Since the evening of September 30th in Beijing increased credit limit, Tianjin, Suzhou, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Ji’nan, Wuxi, Hefei, Wuhan, Shenzhen and other recent prices soaring city have also introduced a strength not restrictive regulatory policies. At the same time, the official also warned a number of alleged illegal sales, malicious propaganda hype, serious disruption of the real estate market order of real estate development enterprises and intermediaries. Many of the new property market is directly aimed at curbing the rapid rise in housing prices, asset bubble. According to the China Index Research Institute data show that in September China’s hundred cities house prices rose nearly 3%, or expanded by 0.66 percentage points from the previous month, the rally has lasted for about 17 months. "6 square meters apartment layout sold 880 thousand yuan high price" "entrepreneurs sell business real estate news are frequent in newspapers, speculative buying, panic mood. Considering the current weakness in the real economy, the lack of ability to resist risks, enterprises operating difficulties, the real estate market overheating investment industry not only will dampen confidence in the real economy further pressure, will also enlarge the financial risk. The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee meeting held in July this year has been explicitly proposed to "suppress the asset bubble, analysts believe that this shows that the top has a second tier property market" high fever "as asset bubbles, regulatory measures ready. The traditional market season in the "golden nine silver ten", now the property market regulation overweight, digestion of local overheating risk, at the right time. Housing prices rose in recent months and leverage, credit expansion and land supply directly related. The new deal, to an antidote against the disease "curb speculative investment demand as the focus, or purchase credit limit, or limit price premium, or short-term is expected to strengthen supervision, for the current overheated property market cooling. In the view of E-House Research Institute think tank Research Center Director Yan Yuejin, tightening policy will strengthen the recent buyers of the policy is expected to have not the capital city of recent tightening of housing demand will lead to the release of positive, volume and price. He expects the real effect of the policy will appear in the next year, in the two quarter of 2017, some cities or volume and price down. But such market inflection point is cyclical, rather than a substantial decline in the property market." To curb excessive price increases, the need to solve the two major problems. One is how to more real in the land supply. Analysts believe that the key to the current regulation of the property market is to reverse the panic buying is expected to increase the supply of adequate land is a key step. Bai Yanjun, director of the China Index Research Institute index believes that hot cities should take the initiative to publish the land reserve and supply plan to guide the market is expected to curb short-term market volatility. On the three or four line of large pressure on the stock market, the implementation of the policy should be different from the hot city, to guide the rational allocation of credit funds. Two is how.相关的主题文章: