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The director of the American intelligence agency submitted his resignation of future worries – Sohu news CIA director James clapper? (James Clapper) according to the U.S. cable news network (CNN) reported on November 17th, director of national intelligence James clapper? (James Clapper) has submitted his resignation on the 16 day. The United States Intelligence Agency on the evening of 17 in the social networking platform twitter account announced the official information, and revealed that the clapper will stay until January until the end of the Obama presidency next year. Clapper since August 2010 has served as director of national intelligence office, responsible for the coordination of the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of investigation and the national security agency and other intelligence agencies 17. CNN reported that the clapper 17 days in the United States Congress Intelligence Committee hearing said: "last night I submitted a letter of resignation, I feel pretty good…… I still have 64 days left." Clapper people around is not surprised about his decision, made this statement at the time towards the end of his tenure is granted. According to news reports, according to the Convention, members of the cabinet and the main government departments of the Obama government leaders will be in the next two months have resigned, so that President elect Trump formed his ruling team. But when the clapper submitted his resignation to President elect Trump transition team looking for a time at the helm for the national intelligence agency. In the 17 day of the hearing, when the United States Congress intelligence committee staff to ask the clapper for FBI Director James announced at the last minute? Komi Election Democratic candidate Hilary a new batch of "mail" acts, clapper said in response, "I have no reason to doubt that COMEY, I think he is very high. I think of what he has done is he thinks fit." At the hearing, when asked about the clapper the next 5 to 10 years the United States faced threats and challenges, including Russia, his answer China, and North Korea, Iran, terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. It also said the challenge is diverse, it is difficult for him to point to a specific one, "personally, I have more and more concern", clapper said, military and security services in the United States for more than 50 years, he has never felt the United States like today are faced with so many challenges. The director of the U.S. national intelligence service is the president’s top intelligence adviser, after the "9, 11" incident. Clapper is the fourth president of the United States National Intelligence bureau. Said the post setting aims to break the barriers between departments, to maximize the integration of information resources. China News Agency, said the U.S. media speculated that the United States will be chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, and German? Noune retired U.S. Army lieutenant general Michael? Flynn and the United States congressman Pete Hooke before? Stella per capita is expected to become the successor of the clapper.相关的主题文章: