The card in the battle the tickets on the 2 day Lippi accepted Beijing attention –

The card in the battle the tickets on the 2 day Lippi accepted the attention – opener Beijing stadium athletes lounge Zhang Jun photo Beijing, Kunming, November 1, (Zhang Jun) the evening of November 15th, the 2018 World Cup Asian Zone final Chinese team and Qatar team competition in Kunming Tuodong Sports Center stadium. 1, the reporter learned from the organizing committee, the game tickets will open at noon on November 2nd, when the pre-sale of 12. In 2018 Russia World Cup qualifying finals before 4 Harding Park, the country foot 1 flat 3 negative only 1 points, can keep stay in the World Cup finals qualify to the card in the battle is crucial. Plus, this is the "silver fox" – · the first game Lippi as coach of the national team after, let the concern of the game more eye-catching. It is reported that the game is divided into 160 yuan fare, $260, $460, $5, 760 yuan file, there are 1260 yuan VIP ticket, the total number of tickets for the 20276. Members of the public can purchase three ways through WeChat, online channels and telephone. The game will be used to purchase the real name of the way, when I need to provide real ID card information, each ID card is limited to a ticket channel ticket. After a lapse of 5 years once again usher in the country, Kunming fans have long been unable to withstand. "Finally know how to buy a ticket, tomorrow I will immediately go to the billing, purchase." That ticket will be opened, the public Wang Wenlong said excitedly. As the host of the game, "Spring City" Kunming has been China and football are inextricably linked, and our feet have been here to create a 12 game unbeaten myth, writing the "plateau unbeaten record". From the home was identified as the beginning of the foot of the stadium, the East began to repair the work of the lawn, lawn maintenance, seat and lighting facilities, such as the replacement of all the measures, so that the East stadium renovation. At the same time, the competition organizing committee to remind the majority of fans, please comply with the court order, civilized spectators, rational treatment of the game.相关的主题文章: