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Food-and-Drink Mumbai has a history that is known to many and that is, Mumbai has been home to many fishing colonies. Being surrounded by seal all over, there is no iota of doubt that the fishing scenes in Mumbai are never going to diminish in the near future. Hence the catch that these fishermen .e up with is worth all your money. Now for those who are still wondering, we are sure that you know why we are particularly mentioning about fishes and sea, it is obviously because of seafood. Seafood is the kind of meat that one can have in excess and yet contract with no diseases or illness. So for all those who have always loved seafood, they have always been at an advantage. So the next time around when you go looking for seafood, you know that best seafood Mumbai gives is what you can get your hands on. Why seafood is considered healthy; read to know: Seafood has omega 3 fatty acids which is essential for every human body. This is one such element that has to be induced inside the body and it is not produced on its own. Moreover it is also helpful in maintaining cholesterol levels. It is also great for your heart and helps you clear your vessels. If you choose to have oil-rich fishes it improves your eyesight. So these are some of the many benefits of consuming seafood. Butter garlic crab is the best among the lot: Now that you are well aware of all the benefits that seafood has, you can now consume seafood and include it in your diet quite often. Now when you visit restaurants, you need to choose from the big list of menu. To make it easier for you, you can choose butter garlic crab which is salty and spicy and can be had as a side dish. A bowl of rice, some surmai fish curry and butter garlic crab makes for a good and sumptuous lunch. So the next time when you are visiting a seafood restaurant in Mumbai you wont be left confused. You know what to order and along with butter garlic crab you can also explore the other dishes that seafood has. There are many seafood restaurants in Mumbai, and every restaurant has their specialty dishes that you might want to try. Like mentioned earlier, Mumbai being on the coastal line, keep no doubts about the quality of the fishes that you get here. You can look up online on your smart phone and skim for the list of best seafood restaurants that the internet suggests. Depending on the list make sure to visit them, maybe one by one and get a taste of their dishes. And especially if you are a foodie, you can explore each restaurant and every delicious dish that they serve. So trust us when we say that the best seafood Mumbai gives is something that cannot be .pared to any other seafood. They are still considered the best in terms of the taste and also the hygiene. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: