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.puters-and-Technology Decision making assessments for learning is known as the one of the most effective instructional strategies ever studied. This study is focused on the use of scaffold learning targets that are written on a language that is easier for the students to understand and .prehend. These activities are made for the purpose of encouraging the youth to monitor their own educational progress. These practices also focus on helping the students to boost their level of achievement by providing teachers and educators with the proper assessment and planning tools. How eDoctrina can help? One of the .panies that are known to provide the best learning tools for decision making assessments is eDoctrina. The tools that eDoctrina provide is pre-loaded with reports and various functionalities that allow teachers to tie up together the power of AFL (Assessment for Learning) strategies and engage the youth to monitor their own progress in schools. No additional modules are to be used on these tools and all the AFLL strategies will simply pop on these tools from eDoctrina. The unit as well as the lesson planning tools provides teachers with various opportunities to break the state standards down to student friendly steps, helping the students to easily understand this kind of learning strategies. The individual student report handouts also help students to be able to keep track of their progress, especially on a specific skill. Data Reporting The data reporting is being referred as the “heart” of eDoctrina and this is one of the most effective decision making assessments tool that educators could benefit from. The data reports that this tool will provide are limited on the user’s imaginations and a dozen of different reports will be provided that will reflect the progress of any group which the school is currently monitoring. Here are some of the reports that the tool can provide: •Individual Student report -these reports were to be given back to the students whenever they have .pleted answering an assessment. Each of these reports displays the student’s progress on a certain assessed learning standard. •Class Summary –these reports provide the teachers with a summary of classes, based on the grade level or performance of a student. It is made of customized color codes that allow the teachers to quickly identify the students who are in most need of extra assistance. These decision making assessments tools also .es with a handy table that will generate the data that the teachers would need in order for them to make a more accurate goals for the students and for themselves as well. •Item Analysis – this particular report breaks down the student’s overall performance by means of questions and will reveal some important information regarding the learning standards that will need to be stressed out concerning the student’s level of performance. Aside from those that were mentioned above, there are several other reports that the decision making assessments tool from eDoctrina can provide you with. The best way to find out more about these tools is to sign-up for a free personalized webinar or to contact the .pany and request a sample reports packet that includes some of the reports mentioned above. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: