The autumn night flying Temple No. two, 30 days, the astronauts will reside in laboratory-freelander2

The autumn night flying Temple No. two, the laboratory will achieve 30 days astronauts reside Tiangong two launch space lab. Xinhua News Agency issued the Mid Autumn Festival, Yao kun. Jiuquan, China, no sleep last night. Reunion and flying, two in dragon soul flowing Millennium dream in here. 22 September 15th 04, carrying the Tiangong two space laboratory Long March two F T2 launch rocket launch at the Jiuquan satellite launch center. After about 575 seconds, with the Tiangong two rocket successfully separated into orbit, launching a successful. Several days later, the two astronauts will be aboard the Shenzhou eleven spacecraft docking with Tiangong two, into the sea of stars belonging to Chinese "space", the 30 day live and work here. This will be the longest manned mission in china. Temple No. two, in the end how much cattle? "In order to send moon cakes to the moon is also spelled!" Last night, the night of Mid Autumn Festival, Temple No. two, soaring, began a 2 year journey in space, this also let many users feel excited. Of course, Tiangong two not to send moon cake, it carries the important mission. Tiangong-1 has space for 5 years (micro-blog) over the completion of the task, will be in the second half of next year. Compared with Tiangong-1, Tiangong two, what are the different? What improvements have been made? Development unit of China Aerospace Science and technology group, the relevant responsible person gives the answer. The astronauts will stay for 30 days in mid Tiangong two space laboratory is developed in the Tiangong-1 target aircraft based on the spacecraft, the same shape, but assume different tasks. Tiangong-1 as the target spacecraft and manned spacecraft, mainly with the completion of space rendezvous and docking test task; developed on the basis of Tiangong two is China’s first manned space laboratory scientific experiments have additional functions, will be the first time in 30 days, the astronauts medium-term stay the first application of additional propellant technology, early verification of space station technology and to carry out a large number of science and application of load test. Tiangong two is equipped with a loading device for space application system supporting the new equipment installation, regardless of the number or complexity of the creation of a manned spacecraft in the previous task. So, although Tiangong two resources module and Tiangong-1 resources module "twin brothers", the connotation is different. As one of the four key technologies in the space station project, the technology of on orbit supplement is one of the most basic guarantee for the space station to provide fuel to ensure the life of the space station. The important technical innovation application of additional propellant technology is the mission, the cargo ship will be added through the space laboratory additional propellant system to achieve this function, for future astronauts on the space station in the long-term resident protection. Therefore, in the space rendezvous and docking mechanism, especially increasing the liquid floating installation interface connector and the feeding pipeline, and adds additional propellant pipeline resources in class, in order to achieve the pressurized gas and propellant in the feeding flow in the system. Next year the first cargo ship in China one day boat will be launched, "the official application of space filling technology will provide added impetus and energy Everfount for China’s space station construction. Jianfengchazhen installed test cabin resources相关的主题文章: