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The Atlantic District offseason operation rating: green army won two A Jeremy will start Jeremy may lock the 1 starting position of sina sports news Beijing time on August 25th, the "RealGM" website launched in 2016 after the operation of NBA teams Season Review, 30 teams of summer movements were analyzed one by one. The first five teams in the Atlantic. The Celtics surge: Jielun – Brown, Gerrard – Green, Eyre – Horford, Demeter: Jared – Jackson Yunus attrition Sullinger, Evan turner. 2016-17 salary space: No. Over the salary cap, below the luxury tax line. 2017-18 season maximum salary space: $43 million 900 thousand. Analysis: the Celtics won 48 games last season, in the summer has been the free market of the big fish Eyre – ford. Both ends he can give the Celtics great help, will become a member of the first, and Amir – Johnson, Vijay – Claude, Avery – Bradley and Isiah – Thomas starting five. The bench players are Marcus – smart, Kelly – Ollie Nick and Jonas Jay Rebko, plus the new Jielun – Brown and Gerrard – Green. In addition, the Celtics and Taylor – Zele, Terry – Rozell, Hunter RJ-, Jordan Jackson and Mickey Demeter yunus. 15 people are very good, composed of very deep lineup. It is a good thing and a bad thing to be able to play. The good thing is to withstand the attack of injuries, and the bad side is that the coach to worry about the use of the limited time to play, not everyone happy. For the past two years, they have been in the playoffs. At the start of training camp, they will strive to form a stable rotation of about 10 people. Brad Stevens – who is not affected by the position of not sticking to formalities, and he hoped that the 5 person on the field can shoot the ball and can pass, can. Only a very few of the players, the Celtics players are able to do this. This makes them a team focused on teamwork, rather than relying on one or two superstars. Rookie Jielun – Brown will be Jia – Claude substitute, he can attack and defend, but also get a lot of free throw. Not because he led the team, he can play the ball. 2016-17 season rating: A. Vision rating: A. The surge: Anthony – Bennet, Trevor Booker, Randy Foye, Justin Hamilton, Joe Harris, Leavitt Jeremy Lin, Lewis Reese, Scola, 50, queis and Isiah – Whiteside gas. Downsizing: Kerr ma – Brown, Wayne Ellington, Jaret – Jack, Sergi – Karasev, Shane – Wiley – Reed, Thomas Larkin, Robinson, Henry, Donald – Sloan Simms and Thaddeus young. 2016-17 season salary space: $17 million 200 thousand. Below the salary cap 7 million 800 thousand. 2017-18 season maximum salary space: $65 million 700 thousand. Points)相关的主题文章: