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The advent of the new season: Li Yifeng asked the homework did not play as a pupil Deng Chao – in the new micro-blog screenshot. Beijing, September (Xinhua) 1 today is the opening day of the year in September 1st, the stars have sent blessings on micro-blog. Gloria Tang refueling for the new semester students: "perhaps slept for a whole summer to get up early today, suddenly you are still asleep, but I will accompany you to accompany you, from the lazy in spirit! Today is a new beginning! Refueling!" Li Yifeng micro-blog screenshot. Li Yifeng is concerned, asked: go to school! Have you finished your homework? The mood is very tangled ah? The new semester of the small target is not ah? In fact, the envy of the students or the school, because carefree, with each of their closest. Deng Chao micro-blog screenshot. Deng Chao is wearing a sports suit, carrying a shoulder bag, holding a snack, a pupil like, face the camera and say: "I love learning, learning makes me happy." And while walking and jumping. By netizens ruthless contempt: the universe’s oldest pupil, super brother, you have the same IQ as the primary school students, today did not take medicine". Liu Xiang micro-blog screenshot. And Liu Xiang in the sun in a micro-blog lying on the grass of the photo, said with emotion: tomorrow begins!" And with a crying expression. In the photo, his bag and shoes were thrown aside, a desperate ending to a better life.相关的主题文章: