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The 23 year old young woman drinking friends staying by rent roommate (micro-blog) rape Taiwanese network news November 9th rape friends sister, fled after 5 years could not escape the law. Yesterday, Shishi court verdicts, Yemou China guilty of rape and sentenced to 3 years. The incident was the victim Huang 23 years old, young age, has the indelible memory. In June 2010, working in Xiamen, Xiao Huang, came to Jinjiang to find her brother, with her brother, Ye Hua know. Later, she returned to Xiamen to work, she and Ye Mouhua have to keep in touch. The 37 year old Ye Hua, was illiterate, very early to go out to work, the time of the incident, passengers in shishi. According to his confession, she asked him to help a job. The afternoon of May 24, 2011, Huang Xiamen from the car over, then two people in the office eat dinner Yemou Yokado brother. "On that day, we had a drink, and she said she wanted to go back to Xiamen." Ye Mouhua said, but can not get the car, and hit and feel too expensive. Ye Mouhua said, he rented two rooms in Shishi, a person can sleep a little proposal to him for the night. "When we got to the room, we drank a couple of bottles of 500ml beer." Subsequently, Ye Mouhua put his own room to live their sleep the next room yellow. Zero o’clock the next day, with "take Yemou as an excuse to return mosquito repellent yellow room, and locked the door, the sexual abuse of yellow. Afterwards, the Yellow above the toilet on the ground, naked and fled to the first floor tenants for help. Tenants Zhang to help the police, Ye Mouhua rushed the night fled. In August 10th this year, Ye Mouhua in Guangdong, Huizhou arrested. Shishi court that Ye Mouhua violation of women’s will, by means of violence or threat, forced sexual relations with women, the prosecutor accused guilty, then made the decision. (reporter Li Changqian correspondent Cheng Genglun Huang Zijie sea) >相关的主题文章: