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The 20 do 180 degree minimum turning radius has reached a high level of engine thrust weight ratio data figure: the latest test annihilates 20 using a new type of camouflage coating separates the original title: experts: F -20 is expected to go to Zhuhai airshow debut -20 to scale the Eleventh Chinese international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition will be held in Zhuhai from November 1st to 6 day. The aircraft industry in the airshow on efforts to build the "20 series" concept. In addition to the last appearance of the shipped -20, the 20 series also includes new models which are much outside attention. Anonymity of military experts recently in an interview with reporters said that the possibility of China airshow debut f -20 is relatively large. F -20 unveiled the Eleventh Chinese airshow possibility even though it is not clear whether the appearance of Zhuhai aviation industry "20 series" which are included in the new models, but the -20 stealth fighter will undoubtedly carry great expectations. Military experts interviewed believe that annihilates -20 debut at Zhuhai air show relatively large possibility. Compared with the previously appeared airshow f -31 fighter, the technical performance of F -20 is more advanced, larger, its flight performance ornamental effect will be more exciting. During the national day, the f -20 flying video highlights a long period of time of 4 minutes of video exposure, two fighters -20 fighter fleet flight, made a number of difficult maneuvers in the air, including continuous rolling in the air and large angle rotation, attracted wide attention at home and abroad. Military expert Du Wenlong said in an interview with CCTV, the -20 visual climbing angle of about 90 degrees, with a high speed vertical climbing ability. This shows that the machine has reached a high level of engine thrust weight ratio, if these actions can be used in combat, combat advantage. It can be seen that the power technology for F -20 is not a big problem, even more than foreign fighters also slightly progress. In addition, the video in 180 degree minimum turning radius of J -20 also makes a lot of fans hooked. "This action is very demanding for the engine." Du Wenlong said, if the judgment is correct, it uses a thrust vector engine, otherwise it is impossible in such a small radius, so a short period of time to complete the nose pointing." Military experts in an interview with this reporter said, the 20 fighter wing load is small, powerful, good maneuvering performance. Straight -20 stealth performance will be far more straight -10 fans can see the domestic looks straight -20 helicopter "face". Recently, direct -20 test on the Internet exposure, so that people are more full of expectations for this model. On the characteristics of straight -20 may have, military experts believe that the machine will have greater progress in loading capacity, engine performance, information acquisition and stealth performance, its stealth performance will be far more straight and straight -19 -10. -20 the next step is to form a scale in November 2014, -20 large aircraft at the Zhuhai air show debut, when fashion in flight -20 at the show site of the wonderful flight performance, still make military enthusiasts relish. At the Zhuhai air show, near -20 service will once again debut. As the chief architect Tang Changhong"相关的主题文章: