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Audience Award polling system is a new way by which a presenter and his audience can interact with each other mobile device, and presentation software. Using audience award presentations polling system in the organizer to help increase public and retention collect and display polling data in real time. The hardware devices for audience polling systems are available in the form of a wireless keyboard with 7 to 10 keys, based on the audience. A base station connects to the moderator of the computer and collects data from all keyboards, distributed to the audience. The Audience Award polling software is on the Presenter-computer and includes all the capabilities of the presentation and data collection and reporting functions. How can audience polling system works? The audience interacts with the presentation with wireless keyboards. Each slide presentation and a question have many possible answers. All participants have responded or when the time expired, the data shown in the context of the presentation for the audience. It depends, organizers either track polling results for individual members or to allow all inputs to remain anonymous. Classroom Environments often require the professor or teacher to collect reactions from the public in terms of quality or quizzes, participation by electronic means. There are several advantages of using public polling systems. For example: It improves attention It offers anonymous polling Make sure that tracking functions to collect the individual responses Displays the data immediately accelerate the decision-making processes Collect data for reporting and analysis He immediately confirmed audience understanding The answers are immediately sent to the recipient, the organizers of the computer and the audience polling software collects and displays the results of the presentation of data in the context of the presentation in an intelligible form. Audience Award question polling Systems Design To the audience survey, it is necessary to ask the relevant question from the audience. If you have a survey on the product for a company to the feedback of the product to the customer’s point of view, your question should have the quality of product, price of the product, etc. And these questions should be asked in an interactive way So that interactive audience response can be achieved. Not only the relevance and not the length of the question should be taken care of. Question should not be very large. In accordance with the requirement of the number of questions can be increased, but it is easier for the public to give their feedback, when the issues are limited, as well as relevant as well. Things should keep an eye on when using Audience Award polling systems many things should keep an eye on the news as easy and interesting use of colorful stories and examples to illustrate their news. It is a natural and comfortable way. Do you understand the meaning and purpose of analyzing audience? The analysis is the appreciation of the profile and the properties of a group of people, so that an offer can be customized for them. And you can the right feedback. Efficient Manufacturing Processes Through Custom Made Plastic Molding By: Mulan Mfg – To be competitive in the business of manufacturing, one must be able to produce their prototypes at the least possible cost. 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