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"Ten thousand km" after entering the system, the king in marathon athletes – ten thousand km "entertainment Sohu agreement", the king pilot poster marathon sports HD Photo] [Click to enter the entertainment Sohu by Jay Chou, producer Lin Yijie, the new director Hong Shengyang, Huang Yuan, Wang, and Megan Lai Co starred in the movie "love inspirational conventions ten thousand km" (hereinafter referred to as the "ten thousand km") has entered the post production stage. It is understood that the film is the first time Jay Chou and the king of the mainland for the first time the big screen, but also the king of the mainland following my girl era after the debut of the big screen.     Wang, "the face" yellow mud play mad far "eat soil" in the film "agreement" of ten thousand kilometers, the king, is always brother block trouble gentle brother, and before his interpretation of the school bully Xu Taiyu opposite. There are many dangerous action scenes in the film he, not only to the coach and the contest, and gang fighting, and the Yellow far played "love between brother". Is a scuffle in the rain in the mud was his most impressive, Wang, Huang Yuan of warm heart of mercy, but the director pointed out that the action is not in place, and finally had to bite "cruel face, Wang said, laughing when the two mouth is full of mud, really like to shoot in the epic action movies, was shooting out of the effect is very good. The king, other burnt is like "running" hormone film Wang Dalu as a talented marathoner, burnt brighten the image, prior to exposure to the trailer, Wang Biao Khan, field running, are fans affectionately known as the "running of the hormone". Before shooting, producer Lin Yijie to the king also carries on the physical training of forest producer of the "devil training" impressed him, the king, said, during the training, often sore and limp, so every morning before they need ten minutes to get out of bed. The film marathon running across the desert, forest, sea, more is to go to the Silk Road, the mainland China Utah, Saline Lake, Utah Valley, real shooting, people look forward to. The movie "agreement" ten thousand kilometers by Jay Chou, producer Lin Yijie, director Hong Shengyang is directed, Huang Yuan, Wang, and Megan Lai co starred in, the film tells the story of the hero in order to help the heroine dreams, promised in the prescribed range to run ten thousand km marathon, in order to achieve this goal and burnt struggle the romantic story.相关的主题文章: