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Temple No. two, with the successful release of satellite weighs about 47 kg China original title: "Temple No. two" with the successful release of satellite news agency in Beijing on 23 October, (reporter Zhang Su) 23 reporters from China Academy of Sciences was informed that the accompanying satellite developed by the Institute has 23 days from 7:31 House No. two space laboratory successful release. In September 15, 2016, the accompanying satellites with the Tiangong two laboratory space launch into orbit, after about 40 days in storage. The process of release, China astronaut Jing Haipeng and Chen Dongli with a hand-held camera captured from the cabin with the satellite from Tiangong two hundred meters away across the video below. According to the researchers, with the Tiangong two satellite weighs about 47 kg, equivalent to the size of a printer, capable of efficient and flexible attitude and orbit control, intelligent task sequence processing and communication and high-speed data transmission. Compared with the Shenzhou seven satellite, it is smaller, stronger, with a high degree of integration, the use of a wide range of features, is a new generation of advanced micro satellites. The reporter was informed that the end of October, with the satellite will be controlled by multiple track, again near the Tiangong two and Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft combination, and fly through the combination of above imaging observations, and after the Temple No. two, close to carry out new technology test and verification test of space formation resides, further expand the application space. (end) editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: