Telecom fraud by the police and 860 thousand swindlers to the bank to freeze-pork face

The enterprise is the 860 thousand Telecom fraud police and crooks simultaneously to the bank to freeze the original title: police recovered cheated 860 thousand police and a race against time and time race 860 thousand when the financial manager of Xi’an cheated recover a sale of drug companies press OK remittance 860 thousand yuan after suddenly realize: the payee is disguised as a boss liar. In the time after the race, the bank is almost at the same time received two instructions, one is the criminals see 860 thousand yuan arrival, requiring banks to transfer of funds, one is Xi’an police asked the bank to freeze the account. Finally, the Xi’an Municipal Public Security Bureau Xincheng branch Changle Road police station won the victory. It is understood that, in September 18th, the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued a new telecommunications network criminal cases of freezing of funds to return a number of provisions, according to the provisions of the Xi’an police to help victims recover 860 thousand yuan. This is the first case of Shaanxi based on the successful recovery of the new regulations and return of frozen funds case. Credulous "legal representative" SMS financial manager hit $860 thousand this summer, just to work, served as a Xi’an pharmacy enterprise executive secretary Xiao Wu received a message: "I am Joe x, just for the mobile phone, before three pm the company all staff call a good note to my other duties. Inform the financial Department Manager and executive group, QQ421710× × ×." Real Joe, is the legal representative of the enterprise. Not long after, the company’s financial manager Feng Xiao Wu received a forwarded message, and in accordance with the "Joe", joined the company called XX executives are in the QQ group, group of senior executives of the company name, a phoenix down on the alert. July 27th, Phoenix received a Joe sent the message that he was in Beijing and a businessman to talk about business cooperation. Later, the other side will give the company’s account to play 860 thousand yuan as a deposit in advance. "Joe" repeatedly asked the Phoenix a check. In Phoenix a convinced, "Joe" also sent a message saying negotiations did not succeed, but the other has the money into his personal account, because he has something for the outside, being inconvenient to money matters, let Phoenix a provisional company accounts turnover. When he finished, he will miss 860 thousand yuan into his personal account into the company account. Subsequently, Joe also sent a personal account successfully received 860 thousand yuan screenshot. Again and again foreshadowing a psychological hint, Phoenix on the Joe identity no doubt, and then to its designated account to import 860 thousand yuan. Only see light suddenly in his press enter, call the real old Joe a number, and other company executives to verify the results show that the so-called "new number Qiaomou" is a liar. 3 hours of tension in the police complete all the formalities of freezing at this time, the designated account of 860 thousand yuan has been transferred to the criminals, a phoenix call the Huaxia bank customer service to freeze the other accounts, but due to legal documents the bank shall freeze, had to give up, then he rushed to the police. Metro Police Bureau Changle Road police station alarm, to implement the state, and Peng相关的主题文章: