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Tattoos of angels are suitable for both guys and girls which will account for why they are one of the most popular designs. Angel tattoos have a timeless quality and never go out of fashion. All generations like these celestial beings.. However, tattoos of angels are not restricted to just the younger generation. Tattoos of angels and religions of the World Belief in angels has been in evidence for thousands of years in most of the world’s major religions though they may not all appear as rosey cheeked cherubs. In both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible angels feature regularly. The Jewish faith and Christianity considers angels to be God’s messengers as does Islam. Hinduism does not refer to angels specifically but they do have spiritual beings with similar characteristics. Different designs of angel tattoos Men tend to prefer large, winged angels tattoos that span the width of their back or chest. These are normally only inked in black ink. Girls often have smaller more delicate tattoos of angels, often on secretive areas of their bodies; the lower stomach or back, upper neck, side of the body or wrist area. Girls often like delicate tattoos featuring cupid or chubby cherubs, all with small wings. These tattoos are often done in black and colored ink, with flowers and ribbons also included in the artwork. Another popular design with girls is a tall and elegant image of the Archangel Gabrielle. Not all tattoos of angels represent God’s messengers on earth. Some people like to have tattoos of fallen angels which have fallen from grace and been banished from Heaven for a wrong doing. Fallen angel tattoo designs tend to represent a struggle between good and evil. The guardian angel tattoo is popular with people who believe they have a guardian angel watching over them. Who would choose tattoos of angels? Tattoos of angels are normally requested by people with strong religious beliefs. These people request tattoos of angels because they believe that they offer spiritual freedom and protection from evil forces in the world. Lovers may also choose tattoos featuring cherubs or cupid. The wide range of designs means that tattoos of angels will continue to be popular tattoo designs. However, like with any tattoo design it is important to choose the right design to suit your character and lifestyle. Finally, remember that your new tattoo will be with you for the rest of your life so you want a design which you adore. Don’t tolerate anything less than the best and the most unique and stunning angels tattoos design. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: