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"Taste" Feng Eric Tsang exposes the mother as a "market" Chai living selling Nicholas Tse Eric Tsang shopping city of Zhejiang satellite TV "Twelve Feng taste 3" this Saturday night will usher in the tenth phase of the program, all over the world in search of the delicacy Nicholas Tse returned to his hometown of Hongkong, prepared with the old Eric Tsang a quest to the Wan Chai market. Did not think Eric Tsang stunned, he exposes the unmarried mothers in Wan Chai living selling, is the vast Yan Wan Chai Market beauty "". Follow Eric Tsang street Nicholas Tse is also much loved every neighborhood aunt to see your show!". For decades, Eric Tsang acting image of the people, but his mother "market" story of the little-known. In the program, Eric Tsang quite proud to introduce themselves to Nicholas Tse and the origin of the Wan Chai Market "my mother here before selling, nicknamed" the beauty market ", it is a." At that time, Eric Tsang’s father Ceng Qirong is just the management of the Wan Chai Market police launched a fierce offensive, the "market" to catch up with the hand. Although the mother married no longer selling vegetables, but still very harmonious neighborhood relations. Then life, Eric Tsang did not give out the Wan Chai market situation, he says "well in Wan chai". When Nicholas Tse asked him and then cooked "Wanzai neighbors will bargain?" Eric Tsang said, smiling when he didn’t bargain to buy things, make a phone call, they gave me a good package! Too familiar ~ "and" market selling vegetables uncle aunt with beauty son VIP filling treatment. Nicholas Tse Eric Tsang has so VIP friends shopping guide, Nicholas Tse Chai trip will be? Along the way, vegetables are very popular for uncle aunt Nicholas Tse. There is a pork aunt cut pork instant incarnation of small fans, I watch your TV all day, twelve Feng taste is very good!" But somewhat shy of Nicholas Tse in the shop buying a lot from around the world for pork, let aunt smiles. The Wan Chai Market in Hongkong has a history of one hundred years, embodies the deep taste of Hongkong dishes. Nicholas Tse will seek truth and show off a Cantonese, Hongkong local pork pork PK around the world. However, it will give the audience what delicacy feeling? The Saturday night 22:00 Zhejiang TV "Twelve Feng taste 3" and you Be There Or Be Square.    相关的主题文章: