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Take you counting the unknown space What do Russian delicacy (Bilingual), American, Japanese and Chinese astronauts eat in space Do they eat the same? Things as on earth or something totally different Are these foods? Tasty? The truth may blow your mind. of Russia and the United States, Japan and Chinese astronauts in space, what to eat? Are they eating the same thing as on earth? Are these foods delicious? The truth may hit you. Russia As the first country to send’s astronauts into space, Russia started to develop space food since the early 1960s. Food that can be sucked was the earliest type of space food, but astronauts still felt hungry after eating them. Later, more satisfying foods like ox tongue, herring pie and chicken cutlets were then added to the menu to solve the problem. as the first country to send a human into space, since the beginning of the 1970s, Russia began to develop space food. The original version of the aerospace food is the inhaled food, but after eating these things, astronauts still feel hungry. Subsequently, such as herring and chicken pie pie, beef tongue easier to eat food is added to the menu, to solve the food problem of astronauts. Now Russian astronauts can enjoy a variety of food similar to on earth such as, black bread, honey cake, ham, quail, Polish pike, Russian cheese and sturgeon. Food is stored in special packages, and astronauts can eat th Kit相关的主题文章: