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Taiwan authorities will recognize the 92 consensus next year?   the people: not to green illusions – Taiwan Channel – people.com.cn original title: Taiwan authorities will recognize the "92 consensus" next year? The people: not to green illusions [Global Times special correspondent in the Taipei Global Times reporter Cui Jietong Hu Youzhong] looks like to accept the interview and give compensation to Cai Yingwen, Japan’s "Yomiuri Shimbun" published an editorial that "Taiwan is the responsibility Chinese steady stability". Taiwan "free times" in Japan correspondent reported on 8, "Yomiuri Shimbun", calling for China should give up the pressure on Taiwan to promote dialogue or economic exchanges. Cai Yingwen recently a series of sounds are not forget to mention good faith dialogue". The "Taiwan independence", the stage chiefs representative to Japan Xu Shikai 8, tear off the mask of Cai Yingwen, he said that Cai Yingwen’s "status quo", not to accept the "92 consensus", logical reasoning the answer is "the independence of Taiwan". Please choose a path for the brave ", KMT vice chairman Hu Wenqi 9 in the online news article, accused Cai Yingwen of cross-strait relations in the late Qing Dynasty as the viceroy Ye Mingchen’s" no war, discord, and die, don’t keep falling, don’t go ", after taking a big circle to be found or not" problem solving ", now on the one hand that will never yield on the other side of the pressure, on the one hand but choose not to go against the old", this is "nonsense", "international political competition really not the kind of" knife tofu is smooth on both sides’ of the ‘good’". Hu Wenqi wrote, "you can’t change the so-called commitment, good faith will not change the political declaration, if it is not" solve the problem ", said the rude, but also a" fart "". Hongkong "South China Morning Post" 9 journal article from the last National Day golden week on cross-strait relations and, in the Riyuetan Pool of Nantou County, a ferry operator said, "during the golden week of our business fell 80%, if the situation continues as we had to close." In Chiayi County, Ali Mountain Scenic Area, a woman’s egg business, usually every day can sell thousands of business in recent months fell into 9, traditionally, Ali Mountain is a must see attraction for mainland tourists. The media "free times" 9 articles with fear: "Chinese visitors to Taiwan less, how to do?" The article said, Chinese tourists, especially in their eleven holiday, a total of only more than 7000, a sharp decline in the past. Have it is only related to travel industry, the government and the majority of Taiwanese people will feel sorry ". Taiwan university is a scholar 9 letters wind media website, put forward a new view: Cai Yingwen was pushing Taiwan to join WTO’s chief negotiator, is "the negotiator", she may choose the next year in the respective interpretations "under the" 92 consensus "to get out of trouble, the nineteen is expected to fall next year held next year in the party government may face great pressure. The critic Tang Xianglong said, that "Cai Yingwen will discuss in some way that 92 consensus", this is the essence of green misunderstanding and fantasy. Cai Yingwen’s purpose is not to serve the people’s well-being and Taiwan相关的主题文章: