Syria government forces cut off Aleppo’s food supply and stranded hundreds of thousands of people-jiqingwuyuetian

Syria government troops cut off hundreds of thousands of people trapped in Aleppo’s food supply, the original title: Syrian government siege, Aleppo cut off food supplies threatening hundreds of thousands of life picture: there are still one hundred thousand civilians trapped in Aleppo city. Beijing, February (Xinhua) 10, according to foreign media reports, the United Nations warned that the Syria government forces surrounded the northern armed forces occupy the city of Aleppo, cut off food supplies, a direct threat to the safety of the city’s about 300000 civilians. It is reported that since the government launched a new offensive last week, a major highway from Turkey to Aleppo was blocked, and the World Food Program (WFP) has been transporting relief food to Aleppo through the highway. United Nations officials say there is still a road leading to Aleppo, but the final approach may be blocked from the war. Aid agencies say that due to the influx of refugees to the border area of Turkey, all temporary barracks are overcrowded, and many people are forced to sleep outdoors in the cold winter. Aleppo was once an important commercial and industrial center in Syria. Since 2012, Eastern Aleppo has been occupied by the rebels, government forces retreated to the west of the city. 8 days ago, Syria government forces launched a large-scale attack on the east side of Aleppo, and cut off most of the roads leading to the east side of the city, forming a ring of encirclement. It is reported that one unit of the Syria government army has moved to the area just 25 kilometers from the Turkey border. Editor in chief: Zhao Jiaming SN146

叙利亚政府军切断阿勒颇粮食补给 数十万人被困   原标题:叙政府军围城阿勒颇切断粮食补给 威胁数十万生命 资料图片:阿勒颇城内仍有数十万平民被困。   中新网2月10日电 据外媒报道,联合国警告说,叙利亚政府军包围北部武装组织占领城市阿勒颇,切断粮食补给,直接威胁到城内30多万平民的安全。   据悉,自从政府军上周发动了新一轮攻势之后,从土耳其通往阿勒颇的一条主要公路被封锁;世界粮食计划署(WFP)此前一直通过这条公路向阿勒颇输送救济粮食。   联合国官员表示,虽然仍然还有可以通往阿勒颇的道路,但是从战局发展看,最后的通路可能也将被封锁。   援助机构表示,由于大量难民涌向土耳其边境地带,所有临时营房都已经人满为患,很多人被迫在寒冬时节露宿野外。   阿勒颇一度是叙利亚重要的商贸和工业中心。2012年以来,阿勒颇东部一直被叛军占领,政府军退守城市西部。   8天前,叙利亚政府军对阿勒颇东城发动了大规模攻击,并已经切断了多数通往东城的道路,基本形成包围圈。   据悉,叙利亚政府军的一支部队已经前进到距离土耳其边界仅25公里的地区。 责任编辑:赵家明 SN146相关的主题文章: