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Swinburne X7 listed the sale of 8.59-10.19 million SUV- automobile Sohu Sohu positioning medium [] on the new car before Roswell (SWM) brand’s first car — Svay X7 in August 30th officially listed, launched early 1.8L displacement, a total of 3 models, the guidance price of 8.59-10.19 million. Swinburne X7 located in the middle SUV, using 7 seat layout, the exterior and interior design borrows from BMW models, makes the vehicle more delicate looking. Flexible interior space, also make new competitiveness at the same level of mainstream standards, Swinburne against Changan after the listing of X7 CX70 and BYD S7 models. The detailed appearance models listed?? part: Svay X7 located in a medium-sized SUV, body size is 47101855 1750mm, wheelbase 2750mm. The new appearance from the Italy center design, the front face of the "Chrome straight waterfall type design, headlights group is connected with the front grille lamp group has double circular structure, similar with BMW models design. Interior: the new car with black and brown or pure black with two, the console is equipped with large-size LCD screen, there is a sense of science and technology. In addition, Swinburne X7 also uses double circle dashboard and three multi-function steering wheel, the car brake part or the use of mechanical brake. Space: 7 seat layout using 2+3+2 X7 Swinburne, second rows of seats equipped with central armrest, the middle seat is also equipped with a head pillow, third row seat cushion thickness looks quite thick, but the angle of the backrest is vertical, the ride comfort will decline over the previous two rows of seats. Part: according to the different configuration models, the new car will be equipped with vehicle stability system, panoramic image, electric sunroof, keyless entry, one button start, 360 degree images, tire pressure monitoring and control in the 12 inch screen configuration. Power: new car based on the predecessor platform for development, will only provide two drive models. Its future will be equipped with 1.5T and 1.8L two engines, 1.8L engine maximum power of 137 horsepower, maximum torque of 186 cattle m; transmission system and the engine is matched with a manual and CVT speed gearbox 5. After the car market, through the existing sales channels Xinyuan brilliance. Summary: SWM (the first brand of new car will be positioned now very competitive 7 SUV market, since the choice of the most brutal battlefield, you must have excellent quality. Swinburne X7 interior and exterior design from BMW models, which makes the Roswell X7 has comparable to joint venture vehicle beautiful temperament, can be accepted by consumers. One of the 12 inch screen in the control of the rare is the car selling point, such a has good Yan values, flexible space, full sense of science and technology of the new brand and new models, have good market performance; but now, part of the independent brand in the minds of consumers have established a good image, this is one of the disadvantages of Svay X7. (Editor: Zhang Shaotong)相关的主题文章: