Suzhou drunk driver to find way out Lianzhuang 4 cars in the parking lot-poper

Suzhou drunk driver to find "way out" Lianzhuang 4 cars in the parking lot at night drunk driving, the other 4 cars crashed abruptly, to carve a way out". The day before yesterday, Xu, Xiangcheng District Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade caught such a crazy driver. The night before 11 06, Xiangcheng District Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade and squadron received a public warning, said he lives in Xiangcheng garden, the night suddenly heard a huge crash, went to the balcony, found a car parked on the sidewalk in the black car is violently hit other cars parked in the parking lot, ready leave the car from the middle. Several times in a row hit around the vehicle, the black car abruptly from two cars hit a crack, and then to the direction of Xiangcheng avenue of escape. Four cars hit the damaged. After the alarm, and the traffic police squadron quickly organized police arrived at the scene. However, due to the incident did not monitor, police investigators understand the limited information, only know that the accident is a black car. Police suspect the vehicle after the impact of the suspect will certainly have a certain degree of damage, and will not leave too far. Accordingly, the police in the residential area around the square, the supermarket parking lot to focus on search, before and after the search of five or six large parking. After 50 minutes of effort, in the end, the yuan and the traffic police squadron police Zhu Guoqiang in a supermarket parking lot to see a consistent modern black car. When the lights lit the car Zhu Guoqiang, but heard the sound of the lock. Originally, the suspect Zhu parked the car in the parking lot, with three friends hiding in the vicinity. When Zhu Guoqiang found the car, they came out. For four people to relax their vigilance, wait for support, Zhu Guoqiang alone and four with the scene to support the police force, the force control of Zhu et al. After testing, Zhu alcohol test results reached 170 mg 100 ml, has been far more than drunk driving standards. In the face of police questioning, Zhu also admitted his behavior. According to Zhu Guoqiang introduction, according to the relevant laws and regulations, the driver’s behavior is dangerous driving, can be sentenced to more than a month, following six months of detention, and shall revoke the license for five years. Currently, the yuan and the traffic police squadron has passed the forensic identification of the vehicle and the victim vehicle paint than. Related investigation and evidence collection work is still in progress.相关的主题文章: