Suzhou, a man credulity car insurance claims to the loss of more than 2 yuan-pigeon blood

Suzhou, a man credulity auto insurance claims to the loss of 2 yuan more than you have received such a message: your auto insurance claims have arrived, you need to verify the bank ATM machine. Recently, Mr. Ma, who lives in the park met with a car insurance claims fraud. On the afternoon of November 5th, outside the play of Mr. Ma received claiming to be a member of the insurance claims, said his insurance claims have been audited issued, so as soon as possible to verify whether the arrival of funds to the bank ATN machine. At first, Mr. Ma did not pay much attention to play outside. More than an hour after the man came home, and received the other phone, but Mr. Ma recently happened at the traffic accident, is in the stage of auto insurance claims. The other for gospel truth to him, in accordance with the instructions to the bank ATM machine operation, enter a series of numbers provided by the other party, after receiving bank information. Let he did not expect is a loss of compensation did not see, and his card more than 21300 yuan was transferred out. Afterwards, calm down, Mr. Ma recalled the whole thing, I fell into a liar carefully set up a scam, and then quickly reported to the police station. So, encountered such fraud, the majority of owners how to deal with it? Police reminder: first, we must understand the insurance claims process. At present, the only way for the indemnity payment insurance claims, is the customer first advance the cost of repairs, after receipt of the claim to the insurance company, the insurance company will indemnity directly into the account designated by the customer, there is no requirement of customers to the ATM machine operation process. Two is to communicate in a timely manner to prevent telecommunications fraud. The insurance claims process, dubious, shall promptly verify with the insurance company or the police, do not believe, unknown source or origin of phone calls and text messages, do not easily transfer operation in accordance with the other requirements.相关的主题文章: