Super rice acres piece of a new world record to 1088 kilograms per mu-shuyue

Super rice acres film reached 1088 kg per mu, a world record (original title: 1088 kg!) September 14th Hunan daily news today, by the Hunan provincial science and Technology Department experts to inspect the contiguous acres of hybrid rice demonstration project in Yunnan province is located in Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture Gejiu Datun Town Village new, field collection. Xie Huaan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and an expert of Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, announced that the average yield per mu reached 1088 kg in the 3 plots, and the world record of per mu yield was refreshed again. According to the introduction, since 2009, the National Hybrid Rice Engineering Technology Research Center plateau breeding demonstration center has been undertaken by Yuan Longping academicians Super Hybrid Rice high-yield project. By using our agronomists, rice cultivation expert Professor Ling Qihong precise quantitative cultivation techniques of super hybrid rice research, after third goals to fifth objectives, every year a breakthrough, especially in 2015 reached an average yield of 1067.5 kg, for the first time Yuan Longping academician determined the fifth super hybrid rice production target, and created a hybrid the average yield of rice acres piece of new world record. It is reported that the project is located in the new tile roofed village fourth, fifth villagers group, 18 kilometers away from the old city, 1287 meters above sea level, the annual average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, annual rainfall of 700-900 millimeters, rich in heat, moderate rainfall, strong ultraviolet, typhoon less. The demonstration field of flat terrain, land leveling; large-scale irrigation system water supply, irrigation convenient. According to the introduction, the project involves 59 households, a total of 101 acres, the selection of the National Hybrid Rice Technology Research Center of the super hybrid rice new combination "super excellent 1000" demonstration planting, research output target of 17 tons of hectares. The variety was sowed in March 26th and raised by dry seedling, and the whole growth period was 165 days. (Hunan Daily reporter Hu Yufen)

超级稻百亩片再创世界亩产纪录 达到1088公斤(原标题:1088公斤!)湖南日报9月14日讯 今天,由湖南省科技厅组织专家,对位于云南省红河哈尼族彝族自治州个旧市大屯镇新瓦房村的百亩连片杂交水稻示范项目进行现场考察,实地测收。中国科学院院士、福建省农业科学院专家谢华安宣布,在随机抽的3个地块中,平均亩产达到1088公斤,再次刷新世界亩产纪录。据介绍,自2009年以来,国家杂交水稻工程技术研究中心高原繁育示范中心一直承担着袁隆平院士的超级杂交稻高产攻关项目。通过采用我国农学家、水稻栽培专家凌启鸿教授精确定量栽培技术,历经超级杂交稻第三期目标到第五期目标的攻关,每年均有突破,尤其是在2015年达到平均亩产1067.5公斤,首度实现袁隆平院士确定的第五期超级杂交稻产量目标,并创造了杂交水稻百亩片平均亩产世界新纪录。据悉,项目地点位于新瓦房村第四、第五村民小组,距个旧市区18公里,海拔1287米,年平均气温20摄氏度,年降雨量700-900毫米, 热量丰富,雨量适中,紫外线强,台风少。示范田块地势平坦,田面平整;有大型灌溉系统供水,灌溉方便。据介绍,项目涉及59户农户,共101亩,选用国家杂交水稻工程技术研究中心选育的超级杂交稻新组合“超优1000”开展示范种植,攻关产量目标为17吨 公顷。该品种3月26日播种,采用旱育秧方式,全生育期165天。(湖南日报 记者 胡宇芬)相关的主题文章: