Sun Zhongshan, an expert on the history of the Republic of China, is the core of the thought of

Expert Zhang Xianwen: love is the core of the history of the Republic of Sun Zhongshan thought in the new network in Nanjing news agency Xinhua: October 25 expert Zhang Xianwen: love is the history of the Republic of Sun Zhongshan thought core author Zhang Xiaoxi "the last century in 90s, I felt that the study of Sun Zhongshan’s" almost ", wrote many articles, the content is also repeat. But now more and more feel that our research on Sun Zhongshan is not enough." This year has been 82 years old of the Republic of China history research experts, Nanjing University, Professor Zhang Xianwen, a senior professor in Nanjing recently accepted an interview with China News Agency reporter said. 21, 2009, Zhang Xianwen attended in Nanjing to commemorate the anniversary of the birth of Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s academic seminar, and personally set the question for the seminar, "with modern China," said the author of the "". More than 150 scholars at home and abroad and Sun Zhongshan related scholars, guests attended the seminar, there are a lot of scholars in Taiwan should be invited to come from Zhang Xianwen. "The revolution of 1911 led by Sun Zhongshan is one of the important milestones of China" s modernization." Zhang Xianwen said. The old man said, compared with his childhood, now China has undergone earth shaking changes. In the past most areas without electricity, railway, call matches, cigarettes as "matches", "foreign" era, and now every family lights, countries can produce high iron, the speed of development is unthinkable. From the feudal society to modern society, from a traditional country to a modern one, the revolution of 1911 is the starting point. Zhang Xianwen said: "this is great." In Zhang Xianwen’s view, the great place of Sun Zhongshan, not only in what he did, but also in his mind and spirit. Zhang Xianwen believes that the core of Sun Zhongshan’s thought of "love", which he had spoken for thousands of people happy ", realizing" the world the goal of the whole world as one community. ". Zhang Xianwen said: "Sun Zhongshan has been talking about" love "," love "also has several times in the inscription. This love is to love the Chinese people, love the world, but also love all mankind. Freedom, democracy and fraternity are the common thoughts of human beings, which Sun Zhongshan has always advocated." "Personally, I admire Sun Zhongshan." Zhang Xianwen said: "because he is not only a great man, but also a real person. He has his own life, love, and stood among the people, which is very commendable." Sun Zhongshan in the face of difficulties, always persevere, and keep pace with the times, constantly revise their own wrong understanding, views." Sun Zhongshan once said, the trend of the world, go forward with great strength and vigour, Shun Cheong is the inverse of the dead. As a great pioneer of the democratic revolution Chinese, Sun Zhongshan can be said to be the trend of the times. In Zhang Xianwen’s view, until today, the construction of modern China is still in line with the trend of the times. "The two sides, the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, can reach a consensus on the understanding of Sun Zhongshan, which is also conducive to cross-strait exchanges." Zhang Xianwen said. He also believes that Sun Zhongshan’s "the whole world as one community is consistent with the current" advocate "China dream". "Our goal now is to build a modern China, in particular, is相关的主题文章: