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Sun Wei: the BMW 1 Series 7 series to meet the young people, the first quarter of next year – Sohu listed car [editor’s note] the Guangzhou auto show in 2016 November 18th officially kicked off, the show featured 1130 vehicles, 19 sets of concept cars, the world’s first car 56 units, of which multinational companies start 7 sets. A total of 146 new energy vehicles, of which domestic enterprises exhibition car, Taiwan, foreign enterprises exhibition car 97 units of 49. Sohu cars will be the first time for you to show the car industry feast. The following is an interview with Sun Wei, vice president of BMW group Greater China business affairs. Moderator: please tell us about the exhibition. Sun Wei: BMW at the Guangzhou auto show a total of more than 30 models. Our BMW brand launched a new BMW M760Li xDrive, the auto show in Guangzhou is the first Asian car. Another is BMW’s fifth models in China – the new BMW series of sports cars 1. It is particularly conspicuous in the booth, because it is particularly bright color. This is a car specially designed for young people in China by BMW. In addition, the show we also show BMW’s two sub brands, one is BMW I, including pure electric BMW I3 and plug-in hybrid BMW i8. The other is BMW M, our booth shows such as BMW M2, M4 and other BMW M models. The show also has a BMW motorcycle on the right side of the booth. In addition, our MINI brand has also brought a new generation of MINI COUNTRYMAN. Therefore, we are still very strong lineup. The show has more than 20% products are new energy vehicles, that is, pure electric and hybrid models. Moderator: you just introduced the new BMW M760Li xDrire, it has what characteristics. Sun Wei: first of all, from the appearance point of view, the color of the car is very characteristic. The new BMW M760Li xDrive is the first time BMW representative BMW pure driving pleasure and track the spirit of M brand and BMW large luxury car BMW 7 fusion, the car on the super sports car dynamic performance and large luxury car comfort and driving pleasure. Dynamic performance and comfort must be inseparable from the integration of innovation and technology, can not be separated from the BMW M department for so many years of training, as well as one hundred years of BMW engineers to challenge the limits of attitude. This car is not only the innovation of science and technology, such as gesture control, air suspension, carpet, also enhances comfort, increase the space inside the car, but also to provide exclusive custom service. New BMW M760Li xDrive from zero to 100 km accelerated only 3.7 seconds to accelerate the fastest BMW luxury production car. At the same time, the car uses 6.6 liters of displacement of the V12 engine, instant burst torque is 610 horsepower, very good performance. Moderator: BMW 1 series of sports car is the highlight of this model is what? Sun Wei: BMW 1 sports sedan is a sign of BMW’s in-depth localization, but also for our long-term commitment to the Chinese market.相关的主题文章: