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This child is really who also turned away, wit can put traffickers to Sohu the | cheats Jun Xiao Jun mother 6 years old this year, just on the primary school, parents are usually busy with work, grandparents take shuttle, Friday after school, a small army has not wait at the school gate to the family pick yourself, you decide to go home alone, Xiao Jun’s grandfather was a very wise man, a small army has been growing in Grandpa’s influence, very independent is very clever, a little timid has not decided to go home alone. On the road a few people, a small army met a child molester, said to bring themselves to a fun place to play, a small army who feel alert is wrong, do not want to go into the crowd, child molester quickly pulled a small army to roar, a small army of fear, but seeing no around what kind of people, also with a child molester, finally go to crowded places, shouted a small army immediately ran to another man: Dad, now the child molester was already running away, so he is also a small army of their own. After returning home, the small army reported his "record", the family simply praised a few words, began to criticize the children go early, after all, it is too dangerous. Fry on traffickers, there are still many typical cases. Your child up my child, Mr. Wang in the playground to see a little girl alone in the play, thought of one child parents do not snack, results soon saw a man holding a sugar to coax a child, feel the child not to know her, the children really go with her, Mr. Wang felt things well, in order to keep up their shout just in case, they said: Hello, your child just hit my child, how do you say it, private or alarm solution. Mr. Wang argued with someone for a while, and finally the man said, "I’m not a child. Don’t look for me.". Then the man went away, and finally Mr. Wang took the children to the amusement park for a while. They certainly don’t know what my name is Xiao Ling is the beautiful young girl, a holiday to find some friends, meet again, walk in the way of an aunt pulled himself, said angrily: you this dead girl, you said a few words, you play with me away, I know and your dad got you how long? Xiao Ling is a face Meng force, this man who, who, then next to a man claiming to be his father to pull her aunt said, crying, Xiao Ling fear, said he did not know them, the more attracted aunt discontent: for what you eat and drink, pull you grow up. You this not filial daughter, don’t consent to your marriage……., next to someone watching the small Ling on their identity card throw people said: This is my ID card, you see, they certainly do not know what I call, save me. At the end of passers-by pressed, "parents" answer, then called the wrong person to go, was finally stopped by passers-by, the police come. And the child caught a cold, how to do? What is the baby crying? How do the child spits? Baby long eczema how to deal with? Want your baby to grow taller!相关的主题文章: