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State nuclear power: Deputy General China at least the next 10 years to build 60 nuclear power plant original title: Vice President of the national nuclear power Chinese: in the next 10 years to build at least 60 nuclear power plant Chinese SNPTC (SNPTC) Deputy General Manager Zheng Mingguang told Reuters in London on Friday the World Nuclear Association meeting, Chinese plans to build more than 60 nuclear power plants in the next 10 years, the next 5 years will build about 30 nuclear reactors (nuclear reactor), after five years will build more base. The main Chinese nuclear power companies – state nuclear power, Chinese nuclear industry group (hereinafter referred to as nuclear), China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group (referred to as cnpec) – will start at least a year to build two nuclear reactors. Zheng Mingguang said that the 60 nuclear power plant construction will include 6 to 10 CAP1000 reactor type, also is Toshiba Westinghouse (Westinghouse) made by AP1000 reactor type China version. The first batch of six new, including nuclear in Zhejiang three building two new reactors, Westinghouse is expected in early next year for the factory to complete the first two units AP1000. State nuclear power will be in Shandong Haiyang to build two nuclear reactors, Westinghouse will be responsible for building the two seat AP1000 in the local. Will also build two nuclear reactors in Guangdong Lufeng. In twenty-first Century 8 at the end of economic news reported that the national energy board in 2016 will complete the "energy system revolution strategic action plan (2016-2030)" and "energy system reform" in 13th Five-Year "planning" the preparation of power, "13th Five-Year" plan is expected to introduce in September. According to the plan, in the field of energy supply revolution, accelerate the construction of major projects southwest hydropower base. Organization and implementation of major nuclear power projects, accelerate the construction of demonstration projects and demonstration projects. To promote the healthy development of the "Three North" area of wind power, photovoltaic. Under the background of accelerating the development of renewable energy and distributed energy, the system and measures to ensure the safe operation of power system are studied. In addition, to strengthen international cooperation. Complete the "The Belt and Road" energy cooperation plan, the establishment of "The Belt and Road" energy cooperation information service platform, to promote the positive progress of foreign nuclear power project. Editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: