Star brush face can solve the bottleneck of the used car

Star brush face can solve the bottleneck of the used car market? The Liu Xiaolin values Yan king "Honglei Sun recently began to appear frequently in TV commercials, his new identity is the seeds of second-hand car spokesperson, which makes him a good friend with" Qingdao lady "Huang Bo directly become rivals, the latter is the same as the second-hand car business upstart car advocate everyone. And Honglei Sun had also been another second-hand car electricity supplier excellent letter shoot advertising protagonist. Only a year, attracting a lot of first-line star for its brush face of second-hand car electricity supplier has become the most money in the industry. The second-hand car market is assessed as one hundred billion market, and as with all auto related Internet emerging formats, second-hand car business advertising is only in the past year burned 1 billion yuan, at present the entire business platform for trading to continue to rise at a rate of about 10%, the need for more financial support. In the launch of Honglei Sun at the same time, the melon used car announced the total amount of A round of financing over $250 million, including endorsement, including Honglei Sun, will invest 1 billion yuan for brand promotion. But the market bottleneck of second-hand car did not get breakthrough with the electricity supplier enthusiasm, including substantial in all regions of the country to release the second-hand car relocation policy limit, as well as the distribution channels and the second-hand car trading platform docking, mature, second-hand car market will need stronger stimulation. Electricity supplier melee statistics show that in 2015 for the second-hand car electricity supplier investment and financing on more than 20, more than 7 of the project financing scale of more than $10 million. First letter to take seeds, Honglei Sun chose to 1 billion pound capital market Xinjin, melon seeds has thus become the second-hand car business to a new round of the main burn. Second-hand car business financing income put a lot in advertising, with excellent letter second-hand car, second-hand car, car all seeds of three major second-hand car business as an example, in July 2015, the total title excellent letter of second-hand car ho throw 180 million win "run brother 3" network exclusive broadcast. Then, from the 58 to spin out of the seeds of second-hand car straight sell network also began in the reality TV show and variety show Mad throw two hundred million, and announced that the next year will hit 1 billion yuan as advertising; then, Huang Bo’s endorsement of "reliable" all car ads began intensive on-line, and announced that it would invest 500 million yuan brand building in March this year. Through a lot of advertising, the fastest speed for consumers interested in the strange second-hand car business concept and brand, this is the main purpose of seeds are "burning". In the first round of nearly 1 billion yuan of advertising and star effect, the second-hand car electricity supplier did achieve the purpose of overnight fame. "Through a lot of advertising to allow customers to quickly become familiar with is to enter the market ‘s most direct way, but this heavy asset mode can maintain long hard to say, industry analysts Chen Zigeng said that the electricity supplier will be a lot of money are spent on advertising, but will eventually shuffle by user experience to decide. This year, 315 exposed second-hand car electricity supplier prices opaque, contributed to the industry to upgrade the transaction payment system. Industry analysts believe that the advantages of second-hand car electricity supplier is to build a transparent trading platform to provide customers with a convenient choice. But more important.相关的主题文章: