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Stage Cuilian good actor   how many acting on the stage and screen switching – Yunnan channel — original title: stage Cuilian good actors acting switch "on the stage and screen between the water of the book" stills "Desire under the Elms" fourth Wuzhen drama festival grand opening yesterday, in a period of 10 days the drama feast, there will be 22 units, Chinese invited productions from the Germany and France, Russia and other 13 countries and regions, nearly 80 drama is the most over the years. In the long tour schedule, the reporter saw Zhang Luyi starred in the drama "chicken", all screenings of tickets sold out within five minutes, the reporter also saw He Jiong starred in the drama "Lai water book", this drama will be before the overthrow of He Jiong in the TV screen in natural comedy impression. A good actor on the stage. Many movie stars are out on the stage, while in the limelight after they are still in their own drama actor proud, often returning to the stage, to switch between stage and screen. Zhang Luyi’s drama "big" billing sold out in 5 minutes from stage to screen for more in-depth understanding of the role of the unique fourth Wuzhen Drama Festival in grand opening yesterday. On the first day of the billing tickets sold out in 5 minutes all screenings of drama "big" also premiered last night. It’s hard to get a vote "chicken" is again the Youth Drama Director Chen Minghao and actress Zhang Luyi, inspired by Dylan Matt’s "the emperor". The play tells the story of the once mighty empire of Rome has been in a disastrous state, crumbling, neither against the emperor Romulus, also cannot escape, is only a big chicken…… The amazing way about the Rome Empire last emperor Augustus the story?. "Chicken" in August 5th on the first day of invoice within 5 minutes of all screenings sold out. In this regard, starring Zhang Luyi’s reaction is to pay close attention to rehearsal, I would also like to do not have to sell, then, is not a row? I did not expect to sell so hot, it would have to hurry up, or sorry audience ah." Sure enough, the acting online Zhang Luyi did not let the audience down, he surprised the way with this crazy ridiculous, and wise and sober Rome emperor to the present. Zhang Luyi graduated from the Department of Central Academy of Drama, director of the 1999, after the Peking University MFA master of arts. After graduation in 5, 6 years, Luyi Zhang did not contact the television, but continuously appeared in 8 different styles of drama, the director Meng Jinghui’s "amber" in Hongkong Art Festival debut caused a sensation, then tour in Asia dozens of city, up to tens of millions at the box office, the audience of more than 100 thousand people. Zhang Luyi played the full personality of the doctor became a major highlight of the play, no less than the degree of concern as the protagonist of the play, Yuan Quan and Liu Ye. In addition, in 2004, he co starred with Jiang Wenli director Lin Zhaohua Chekhov adapted from the drama masterpiece "Cherry Orchard", he played in the drama college students always maintained a state of excitement about the ideal. In 2009, Luyi Zhang gradually fade out the stage to film he starred in "red", "fire)相关的主题文章: