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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews RAKSHA BANDHAN or Rakhi is a Hindu festival primarily observed in India, Mauritius and Nepal, Which celebrates the relation between Brother and sister. Raksha Bandhan is an ancient traditional celebration of brothers and sisters to share the eternal bond of love. The relationship between the simple and sober ceremony tying Rakhi festival, aimed at the revitalization of our brothers and sisters. It is also called RAKHI PURNIMA in most of India. Rakhshanbandhan also symbolize a brothers promise of being a best friend of his sister who will guard her from all the problems in life. The articles discuss the celebration of Rakhi in India. It throws light on the way sisters and brothers send gifts to India on Rakhi. Gift India 24*7 provides a reliable platform through which you can send special gifts on the festival of Rakhi. As the relationship between a brother and sister is truly appreciable, this is the most auspicious festival. This festival is also been mentioned in the history of ancient India. It is known that the queens of Maratha and Rajput provinces used to send Rakhi to the kings of Mughals, to make sure that they respected each other as brother and sister, inspite of various differences between them. If you are staying in countries like USA, sending Rakhi to India from USA is made extreme easy. Send Rakhi to India through Gift India 24*7 very easily and make your sibling very happy. Raksha Bandhan gifts can also be sent very easily through Gift India 24*7. Through this Gift India 24*7, you will be able to get lot of information about Rakhi. How to celebrate Rakhi, its importance, about Rakhi gifts, sending rakhi gifts to other countries, sending Rakhi gifts to India etc. have all been mentioned in an easily understandable manner. This year, buy Rakhi online and enjoy easy shopping. Through Gift India 24*7, you will get to know what exactly "Rakhi" is and also how to celebrate it in a joyous way. Make this festival a memorable one by celebrating it in the best way. We also send Rakhi sweets for your dear brothers. We also send Rakhi sweets for your dear brothers and sisters. VARIETIES OF RAKHI Rakhi is known to be a very popular festival that is especially celebrated in the northern part of India. It is known to be one of the most important festivals of India and is celebrated in different ways in different parts of our country. Even if blood relation does not exist, Rakhi can be tied to share brotherliness among them. The festival is very divine and also the relationship between two such people. In few places people from the entire family gather together at one place and this festival is celebrated with much grandeur. Floral Rakhi – This type of Rakhi is very popular. The base of the Rakhi .es in the shape of flower. It is intricately decked with glitters, sequins and artistic threadworks. Satin Ribbon Rakhi – These Rakhis .e with colorful and soft satin ribbon. Their base is decked with beautiful small plastic leaves, flowers, beads, bright stones and glitters. Often zari and resham is used to make the Rakhi look stunning. Zari Rakhi – As the name suggests, these Rakhis are usually embellished with vibrant zari works. Golden and silver zaris are mostly used. The beauty of these Rakhis are further amplified with sequins, beads, stones and glitter works. Zardosi Rakhi – If you want to send gorgeous Rakhi to your brother then you can opt for Zardosi Rakhi. These Rakhis are intricately embellished with wire designs, fabric and silk threads. Use of golden colored wire along with various other metals make the Rakhis look attractive. Rudraksha Rakhi – According to Indian tradition, Rudraksha is considered as the divine and auspicious object on earth. It protects the wearer from any negative powers. Taking this into consideration, Rakhi makers have created Rudraksha Rakhis. The core attraction of these Rakhis is the Rudraksha. Some Rudraksha Rakhis also include colorful beads and stones. Kids Rakhi Cartoon Rakhi – These Rakhis are specially crafted for kid brother. Here, the Rakhis .e with cartoon figures such as Mickey Mouse, Angry Birds, ZooZoo, Spiderman, Bal Gopal and so on. Satin ribbons make the threads of the Rakhis. Musical Rakhi – These Rakhis are in great demand amongst the kids. These Rakhis play a kind of music that can be unique, melodious or animal voice. A stuffed toy is placed at the center of the Rakhi, when it is pressed, you can hear the music. Toy Rakhi – These Rakhis .e with cute small toys such as Angry Bird, clown, mobile and so on. These toys usually have small light and music buttons. When they are pressed, you can hear the music and see the light. Rakhi for Bhabhi (sister-in-law) Lumba Rakhi – This Rakhi is worn by bhabhi. The shape of this Rakhi is different from other Rakhis. It is tied on the wrist like a pendant. The top part of the Lumba .es in conical shape. Beautiful latkhans hang, making it look stunning. The Lumba is artistically embellished with zari, stone, sequins as well as zardosi work. Gift India 24*7is a well-known e-gifting store through which you can send Rakhi gifts to India online .You can easily buy Rakhi through Gift India 24*7. Raksha Bandhan gifts can also be sent through Gift India 24*7. Celebrate this festival for an everlasting bounding and gift your sister the best for this Rakhi season and bring smile on her face. TYPES OF RAKHI GIFTS Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan is known to be one of the opportune festivals of our country. This is considered to be an auspicious occasion among siblings. This festival spreads happiness and affection in the entire family. On this special day, the sister ties a decorated thread, which is known as Rakhi to the hand of her brother to build up the bond between them and make it stronger. These days you can easily find different types of threads available in variety of designs. Rakhis usually consists of feathers, glitters, beads etc. arranged and decorated in an attractive way. You can also easily find Rakhis available in various colours. Even for the kids you can easily find different types of Rakhis that depicts the faces of funny cartoon characters. If you stay faraway, you can also send Rakhi in decorative boxes. A sister also offers sweets to her brother marking their relationship to be very special and sweet. This is known to be one of the most joyous occasions in the life of a brother and a sister. A brother has to give some return gifts to his sister on this day. It can be clothes, chocolates or anything that brings smile on her face. Send Rakhi to India even if you stay abroad as through Gift India 24*7 Rakhi to India can be very easily sent. Rakhi gifts to India can be bought in the best possible way and can be sent to your loved ones. Enjoy this festival in the best way with Gift India 24*7 . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: