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SpaceX great ambition! Ten years to send humans on Mars – Science and technology Sohu, according to British media, "Daily Express" reported that the satellite company SpaceX CEO Aaron · musk said in an interview, they are committed to a manned Mars project. This project will continue for a long time, SpaceX hopes to be able to successfully achieve ten years after the launch of Mars, the fastest also need a period of nine years. SpaceX ambitious! Ten years to send humans on Mars (pictures from fossbytes) of course, Mask is now released such remarks will make many people feel worried, in the earlier this month SpaceX had rocket explosion condition. Such doubt security rocket explosion accident is easy to describe on musk. This series of accidents has raised fears that manned missions could be a disaster. But last week, Musk’s satellite launch company SpaceX CEO Gwynne Shotwell said to the outside world on Tuesday, they will resume in November when the rocket launch activities. Shotwell did not disclose the progress of the investigation of SpaceX rocket explosion. SpaceX is still seeking help from the outside world to discover the cause of the accident. In September 2, 2016, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 (Falcon 9) the rocket exploded in the ignition test, and lasted for a few minutes, but SpaceX said the explosion caused no casualties. The explosion was felt in a few kilometres, and several explosions occurred, lasted for a few minutes, the explosion of smoke into the sky. According to the previous message, the Falcon 9 rocket explosion accident in the last week, so let some partners before the quality of its services have certain question. The Israeli satellite operator Space Communication CEO David · Pollack Reuters to reporters that they hope the successful launch of the SpaceX several times after its cooperation, after all, in the blast, they also suffered heavy losses.相关的主题文章: