South University Enrollment welcome a year the number of students has exceeded the maximum of 3000 p sweets parade

South University Enrollment welcome a year the number of students has exceeded the maximum 3000 in September 18th at 10:30 in the morning, the South University of science and technology in 2016 opening ceremony was held in Shenzhen University City Sports center. Nanfang Daily reporter Zhu Hongbo photo Nanfang Daily News (reporter correspondent Sun Ying Zhang Ling) the South University of science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as the "south") on 2016 opening ceremony was held on the 18 day. The park is big this year in 22 provinces enrolled 992 undergraduates, ranked in the top 2% most upper level enrollment provinces, ranked the country "985" universities. The first year students and graduate students enrollment this year is also the school, 7 students from Kampuchea to join the South university. 277 study at the same time STSP with a number of well-known universities joint postgraduate training school. This marks the South University undergraduate and graduate student level school. It is reported that this year is the south university enrollment since the founding of the largest year, at present the number of students more than 3000 people. Undergraduate enrollment next year, steady quality shelf 18 opening ceremony full of warmth. They played the academician, Dean of students from the film, the blessing for the new students to college life. At the same time, the new film "South University? Knowledge of the road, the veil, the film is visited 8 provinces and cities to complete the filming of the 13 cities, shooting a total of 17 new representatives of the class of 2016, recording their lives and aspirations. With the family’s wishes, memories of his early heart, looking forward to a bright future, many students watch the video when the eyes shining with tears. This year, 277 co-culture of South University and University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University Science & Technology, National University of Singapore, Temple University, Harbin Institute of Technology and other famous universities students. The reporter was informed that the need for joint training, because the South University School less than 10 years, has not yet been approved by the Ministry of education can independently recruit graduate students and issued diplomas. But the south big building a first-class research university, if there is no postgraduate training platform is empty, so by way of joint training solution as pressing danger "". "Although I think we have the strength of teachers, school conditions have been met, but we still have to follow the rules, step by step." University President Chen Shiyi introduction, these joint postgraduate training, there will be one to two years of study in Colleges and universities, there are two to three years in the university study, implementation of the dual tutorial system. Chen Shiyi said, these joint training of graduate students with other school diploma, but four years later, the training platform approved university graduate students, these students may have double diploma will take the South University and other schools. There are 7 students from Kampuchea to join the South University this year, it also means that university students have begun. "Try it first this year. The students from Kampuchea are very good." Chen Shiyi said, the south big built international high level research university students, hope that the future is not only for Belt and Road Initiative neighbor countries, but for the whole world. In undergraduate admissions, University this year in 22 provinces of actual recorded.相关的主题文章: