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South Korean prosecutors identified Park and Cui Shunshi conspiracy crime – Sohu news [global network reporter reports Chashi] according to Yonhap News reported on November 20th, 20, South Korean prosecutors on suspicion of major companies to put pressure on the cable to donate huge amounts of money to sue Cui Shunshi, the door cronies in the indictment, prosecutors pointed out alleged conspiracy crime in the park. Cui Shunshi without some official appointment cable play an important role and donate confidential government documents. Prosecutors said at the time of the survey will be regarded as suspect park. To the actual forced donation of former president office is responsible for policy coordination of Chief Secretary An Zhongfan and Cui Shunshi suspected to provide government documents before the presidential Secretary Zheng Hucheng also sued affiliated. In view of the fact that the prosecution has not yet accepted the investigation described specifically involved the doings of Park Geun hye in the indictment, the president is expected to focus on the legal responsibility of the dispute will be further intensified. According to foreign media reports, South Korea hundreds of thousands of people of 19 local time in Seoul and South Korea 46 regions nationwide demonstrations, asked the President Park Geun hye office, responsible for "bestie intervention event". This is the work of Cui Shun political affairs since the exposure, the fourth large-scale demonstrations in South korea. In addition, South Korean prosecutors will prosecute three people with the events of 20, and in the complaint written "three people directly involved in the park crime" and other terms. More than more than 1 thousand and 500 South Korean civic groups 19 million people to protest for park Geun hye to step down. Seoul evening local time 6 when 500 thousand people gathered in the vicinity of Seoul Gwanghwamun square; in addition, Busan, Daejeon, Kwangju and other 45 regions of the country people held a demonstration at the same time, they require not only the park office, also shouted "arrested Park" and other slogans.相关的主题文章: