South 20 teachers and students in the United States in the United States in case of a car accident

South 20 students in the United States in a car accident killed 1 girls are the aftermath of Sohu news about 5:30 in the evening local time on September 24th, China a student exchange delegation suffered a car accident in central California, killed 1 students and wounded. Modern Express reporter yesterday from the Nanjing foreign language school school confirmed that the delegation consists of 20 teachers and students of the school, they went to the United States is the friendly school exchange return, but the car accident, resulting in 1 two days of the girls were killed, and another 9 students were injured. Comprehensive Xinhua news agency, "Legal Evening News" reporter Huang Yan Nanjing modern express ZAKER Jinfeng accident suspect because of turning speed too fast, hit the tree according to the Xinhua News Agency reporters from the local police, the accident occurred in the far distance iose Miti National Park in Oakhurst local time on the 24 evening about 5:35, rammed into the bus accident a tree, then rollover. According to local media "Fresno daily" reported that the bees, the bus tourists from the Yosemite National Park back to the hotel, the way through a mountain, top-down driving. At that time, the bus was travelling at 35-40 miles per hour, but after a sharp turn, the speed was clearly faster. The driver may be on the road conditions are not familiar with the bus, then rely on the right side of the road running, but after the turn, the driver was found there is a big tree in the car on the right, it was too late to escape. After the bus crashed into a tree in rushed down the mountain, then rollover, causing passengers injured. After the accident, the local rescue workers rushed to the scene to rescue the wounded, according to California Highway Patrol revealed that the rescue of a total of 3 helicopters and a total of 9 ambulances. The bus is operated by a company called top line travel agency in southern California near Losangeles Monterey Park, there were 22 people on the bus, 2 of them seriously, the head injury, then 1 people died. According to the modern express reporter learned that the passengers on the bus is 20 people outside the South delegation. Local police said the cause of the accident is still under investigation. The accident bus seat is equipped with seat belts, the passengers died in the accident was wearing a seat belt. It is reported that the driver of the car 53 years old this year, is still in hospital for treatment. In addition, there is news that the accident is the speed of the curve of large vehicles is 25 miles per hour, but the bus at the time of the accident at the rate of 35-40 miles per hour passed, a clear violation of traffic regulations. Local police said: according to the evidence, we believe that there is no line of sight obstruction, alcohol, drugs and other factors, it seems that the accident is likely to be caused by dangerous driving." But the news has not been confirmed. Response to the South: 1 students were killed and 9 people were injured, the aftermath of the modern express reporter contacted the South and the school, the school issued a statement yesterday. The school said that in September 23rd, 20 teachers and students went to the south to the United States Oregon Episcopal School school exchange visits.相关的主题文章: