Sora Aoi stay up late to see Apple conference I want to buy iPhone 7 queer as folk

Sora Aoi stayed up to watch the apple conference: I want to buy 7 iPhone iPhone 7 has been released, although Tucao sound constantly, but there are still a lot of people to buy it, this is the charm of apple, of course, in this huge team of powder, Cang teacher was one of them. Today, at 1 a.m., apple conference, and during this time Kurarai Sora is also drying out on the micro-blog to stay up late to see the show’s su Yan, and stressed that they look forward to iPhone 7. From between the lines Cang teacher described, I will buy iPhone 7, Apple released a new mobile phone before, she will be the first time the replacement. Of course, this micro-blog Cang teacher issued, also led to many users Tucao: users bakhyuns now, save everyone’s kidney 7 Cang teacher; Ye Qing friends: a good teacher! IPhone7 no continuous vibration function! The charming dawn: I bought two, one for you and me. Now the question is, will you buy iPhone 7? Sora Aoi stayed up to watch the apple conference source: fast technology   Editor: MI Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: